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DNS A Record Problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by acer34e, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. acer34e

    acer34e Guest

    I used to be a reseller with a hosting company but recently got a dedicated server with them. I have three IP addresses and want to set it up so that two are the nameservers. I have the main IP set up as follows:
    <domain>. NS ns. mydomain.com.
    <domain>. NS ns2. mydomain.com.
    <domain>. A <ip>
    <domain>. MX (10) mail.<domain>.
    <ip> / 24 PTR <domain>.
    ftp.<domain>. A XXX.XX.XXX.130
    mail.<domain>. A <ip>
    webmail.<domain>. A <ip>

    with the domain set up as follows:
    mydomain.com. NS ns. mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. NS ns2. mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. A XXX.XX.XXX.130
    mail. mydomain.com. A XXX.XX.XXX.130
    webmail. mydomain.com.A XXX.XX.XXX.130
    ftp. mydomain.com. A XXX.XX.XXX.130
    ns. mydomain.com. A XXX.XX.XXX.191
    ns2. mydomain.com. A XXX.XX.XXX.192
    www. mydomain.com. CNAME mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. MX (10) mail. mydomain.com.
    XXX.XX.XXX.130 / 24 PTR mydomain.com.

    When I enter the domain into a browser I get a Server Not Found. I did a DNS LookUp and it returned this:
    How I am searching:
    Searching for mydomain.com A record at m.root-servers.net []: Got referral to M.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 227 ms]
    Searching for mydomain.com A record at M.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to ns2. mydomain.com. [took 262 ms]
    Searching for mydomain.com A record at ns2. mydomain.com. [XXX.XX.XXX.192]: Reports that no A records exist. [took 168 ms]

    No A records exist for mydomain.com. [Neg TTL=0 seconds]

    ns2. mydomain.com. (an authoritative nameserver) says that there are no A records for mydomain.com.
    (mydomain.com does exist, but has no A records).

    What am I doing wrong? It is a Fedora Core 3 server with Plesk 7.5 reloaded on it. DO I need to do something with the nameserver IP’s?

    Thank you for any and all help. Let me know if I left anything out.
  2. acer34e

    acer34e Guest

    In an email with the company that hosts our dedicated server, their tech told me:

    Next you need to check the Plesk manual to see how to enable DNS services on the server. When doing so you may need to enter these 2 IP addresses somewhere so Plesk knows how to manage DNS, and what IP's to use. I say may, because the Plesk manual should provide more details. You may not need to tell it what IP's you want to use since they are already assigned to the server by our data center.

    I couldn't find anything regarding this in the Plesk manual.
  3. Highland

    Highland Guest

    I run a setup like this. The big questions are

    1. Is Plesk seeing both IPs on your server?
    2. Have you told your registrar the name and IPs of your DNS servers?
    3. Check your firewall. Is port 53 is open to all traffic? Had a firewall open to just to UDP on 53 but that caused problems so I opened it to all traffic.
  4. acer34e

    acer34e Guest

    1.Plesk is seeing all of the IP addresses. Under Server>IP Addresses they are all listed:
    IP Address Subnet Mask Interface Clients Hosting
    XXX.XX.XXX.130 eth0 19 29
    XXX.XX.XXX.191 eth0 1 0
    XXX.XX.XXX.192 eth0 1 0
    2.Godaddy is my registrar and under Domain Host Summary it is set up as follows:
    the DNS lookup shows that is working somewhat.
    3.I'm going to check that right now.
  5. acer34e

    acer34e Guest

    Port 53 is open to both tcp and udp traffic, but it doesn't show up when I do a port scan of the server:
    -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 53 -j ACCEPT
    -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW -m udp -p udp --dport 53 -j ACCEPT

    Open TCP Port: 22 ssh
    Open TCP Port: 25 smtp
    Open TCP Port: 80 http