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DNS Bug??????

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Luis Laborda, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Luis Laborda

    Luis Laborda Guest

    The following has only happened twice.

    Please visit http://www.greatdanegraphics.com
    As you can see, you will get a server not found error. Also, if you try to ping, you won't get any ping back.

    I have been hosting this domain for at least 1 year now, and there has not been any changes to the DNS records.

    The problem is that domains are disappearing. If you try to do a traceroute, ping, try to access via FTP, the site is not there, when it really is. All the files, all the DNS records, the server zones, and the named.conf file are just fine, same as the other 55 or 60 domains that I have. But Plesk won't respond to this one domain.

    I had this happen before, and since it was one of my personal domains and I wasn't using it, I though in deleting the domain and add the domain again with Plesk. That took care of the problem. But I can't do the same for greatdanegraphics.com as they have almost 11GB of disk space with files, and a remote backup is impossible.

    Bottom line is that it has happened twice, and everything looks like there is no existence of a domain. Seems that once in a while, not sure if is when I restart the server using plesk, plesk picks a domain and gone! no more. Plesk does not delete the files, but won't response to the DNS.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.