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DNS Config - Dedicated server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jpipitone, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    I have a dedicated server with a web host, with a Plesk 7.5.4 control panel. I created the domain digitonestudios.com as my primary domain linking to the IP

    I want my DNS template to be configured so each of my other domain names use ns1.digitonestudios.com and ns2.digitonestudios.com as their name servers. Say I create the domain name sellproductshere.com - When I change the DNS servers in the domain configuration, (GoDaddy) I want them to be ns1.digitonestudios.com and ns2.

    How can I modify the following template to reflect what I want?: (See below image)

  2. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Replace the following line:

    <domain>. NS ns.<domain>.


    <domain>. NS ns1.digitonestudios.com.
    <domain>. NS ns2.digitonestudios.com.


    You will delete the one existing line, then add each of the other 2 lines, one at a time.

    Do not forget the trailing period.

    Then all further domains you create in Plesk will automatically have those 2 NS records.
  3. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    Thanks! I'll give it a shot - excellent support here!
  4. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    So by you saying I delete existing lines and replace, do you mean do the same for my A and MX records?
  5. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    No. Just the current NS record, you said all you wanted to do was change it so all new domains would have your nameservers, right? So that would just be changing the current NS record.

    The A record would be used to point the new domain to an IP you pick when you create the domain in Plesk, normally this should be fine.

    The only time you would change the MX record is if the client has a separate mail server elsewhere, or if you run a backup mail server for your hosted clients, then you could add a second MX record.
  6. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Sometimes... and sometimes it takes a while for a response. It all depends on timing and how busy the forum members are with their jobs and lives.
  7. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    Excellent - I appreciate your effort and fast responsese - you beat the guys on experts-exchange too!
  8. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    One more question: I noticed that I may have missed something:


    See how I have an ns.digitonestudios.com - that points to the IP of my machine - is this correct? or should I replace it with an A record that goes from ns1 to my IP?

    Will this cause problems, or can I remove the A record? It doesn't seem right...
  9. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Ok, your original post only referred to the DNS Template and to future new domains, which did not imply your own hosting domain was not already setup.

    So, yes, for your own main hosting domain, you will need to delete the existing A record for the ns.digitonestudios.com. which was already created by the original template, and add the 2 new A records for nameservers pointing to the appropriate IPs.

    Modifying the template does not affect domains which have already been created, just future domains. And your main hosting domain will have the extra A records pointing the ns1 and ns2 to your IP address(es), but the other hosted domains will not have these A records, just the NS records which are now in the Template.

    As an additional note, you should keep an eye on the dnsreport.com report for your domain:

    which currently shows that your server may not be responding as a nameserver!

    At your domain registrar, you have defined the 2 nameservers for your main domain as:

    ns6.damn-networks.com. [] [TTL=172800] [US]
    ns7.damn-networks.com. [] [TTL=172800] [US]

    which must be your host ISP's, so when DNS lookups are requested, those nameservers are queried first, then (hopefully) passed onto your own nameservers. So the question is: does your host ISP (also your registrar?) allow you to place your own nameservers as the primary nameservers for your domain? I know that in some situations, some ISPs force you to use their nameservers so I just want you to find out before going further!
  10. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    Well, keep in mind that this is my old digitonestudios.com that hasn't been switched over to the new DNS yet. I'll check out my records and make the necessary repairs...tHANKS!
  11. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    OK - here's my template now, which I've applied to digitonestudios.com ( on the new server ) and josephpipitone.com (on the new server)

    Here's the layout

    digitonestudios.com NS ns1.digitonestudios.com
    digitonestudios.com NS ns2.digitonestudios.com
    mail.digitonestudios.com A
    webmail.digitonestudios.com A
    digitonestudios.com A
    ns1.digitonestudios.com A
    ns2.digitonestudios.com A
    ftp.digitonestudios.com CNAME digitonestudios.com
    www.digitonestudios.com CNAME digitonestudios.com
    digitonestudios.com MX(10) mail.digitonestudios.com / 24 PTR digitonestudios.com

    Is this correct? I've applied the template to another domain as well...dnsreport.com says that ns1 and ns2.digitonestudios.com doesn't exist.
  12. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    I've created a new domain on my new server( and applied the DNS template I created - is this correct?

    josephpipitone.com NS ns1.digitonestudios.com
    josephpipitone.com NS ns2.digitonestudios.com
    mail.josephpipitone.com A
    webmail.josephpipitone.com A
    josephpipitone.com A
    ns1.josephpipitone.com A
    ns2.josephpipitone.com A
    ftp.josephpipitone.com CNAME
    www.josephpipitone.com CNAME
    josephpipitone.com MX(10) mail.josephpipitone.com / 24 PTR josephpipitone.com

    I'm a bit confused as to what the template has produced - as you notice its creating the ns1.josephpipitone.com A which comes from the template - is this correct?
  13. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    The A records for ns1 and ns2 were not supposed to go into the Template. I posted
  14. jpipitone

    jpipitone Guest

    Yes, I did that - ns.digitonestudios.com no longer exists. I guess I'll give it a while to propogate?
  15. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Hmm, well as of 00:30 Thursday (now), your dnsreport.com shows:

    NS records at parent servers Your NS records at the parent servers are:

    ns1.abac.com. [] [TTL=172800] [US]
    ns1.digitonestudios.com. [] [TTL=172800] [US]

    [These were obtained from m.gtld-servers.net]

    Where did the ns1.abac.com come from??

    Since that nameserver is not responding for your domain, it is causing your domain's report to have Lame and Missing nameservers, causing Stealth NS record leakage error.

    You were supposed to have submitted the ns1 and ns2.digitonestudios.com to the domain registrar.