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DNS Help :: Newby

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by slpc, May 10, 2004.

  1. slpc

    slpc Guest

    I've been reading Windows DNS material online and in books so much that my head is going to explode! I thought I knew how DNS worked until I finally ordered a box at Server Matrix. Now I'm stumped.

    Instead of using my own DNS servers, I'd like to use the Server Matrix DNS servers (ns1/2.servermatrix.com) for now. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to setup my local site (in Plesk) so that it uses the SM DNS servers!

    Here's what I have and what I've done:

    1. Domain name registered at netsol
    2. Pointing that domain name to the SM DNS servers
    3. Created a 'client' and new domain in Plesk on my server

    This is where I get stuck.... what do I do from this point? Please forgive me for being a newby at this, I normally hate having to ask for help. But I really need help this time, I'm just not getting something! [obviously] And I can't seem to find a nice step-by-step guide or sample case study anywhere.
  2. slpc

    slpc Guest

    I take it there is very low traffic on this forum eh?
  3. bgaNET

    bgaNET Guest

    You guessed it. This forum is just as worthless as the company that owns it.

    I've already contacted Sw-Soft about major issues, and not a reply in 7 days. I WILL NOT do business with such a poor excuse for a company!
  4. tamir

    tamir Guest

  5. slpc

    slpc Guest

    Thank you, but I've already figured it out. I had everything configured right, I just had to tell server matrix to point their name servers to my IP addy.