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DNS - Lost in cyberworld - how do I config it?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by SupermanInNY, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    Hi Y'all,

    I rented a server from servermatrix.com and I'm trying to figure out to make it run correctly.

    Current situation:

    Primary domain: myaspserver.net
    Current DNS entries are:


    The servermatrix guys are now running the DNS server that points to my domain.

    My need is to be running on:


    I want that when someone is doing a
    whois myaspserver.net

    They will recieve the following:


    This is the Primary Account on the server.

    Now,.. to continue this,.. I have clients, for example:


    and I want to provide them with


    What do I need to do to make this happen?

    To make this even more specific:

    My IP address to the myaspserver.net is

    I have the following IP address available to work with:

    I want myaspserver to be exclusive with
    I want nezek.com to be exclusive with
    I want ganav.com to be on a shared IP
    I want hosites.com to be on a shared IP

    All these domains need to have


    as their nameservers.
    Generic answers are confusing to me and I need specific walkthrough (I'm sure others will benefit from my install example).

    Can someone please step in and help me resolve this?


  2. softpac2000

    softpac2000 Guest

  3. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    Hi Ricardo,

    I guess I'm kinda slow with this.
    I don't know much about DNS entries and not real clear about what is an A ,PTR, NS and other nameserver entries and it keeps confusing me.

    I'm at the point where I really need a 'hold-my-hand-and-walk-me-through-it' kinda thing.

    I don't really know even where to begin.

    I clicked on Server --> DNS

    <domain>. A <ip>
    <domain>. MX (10) mail.<domain>.
    <domain>. NS ns.<domain>.
    <ip> / 24 PTR <domain>.
    ftp.<domain>. CNAME <domain>.
    mail.<domain>. A <ip>
    ns.<domain>. A <ip>
    webmail.<domain>. A <ip>

    Now what?
    Look at my initial post for actual values to populate the next step.
  4. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

  5. neij

    neij Guest

    Do you still need help with this? If so I might be able to provide a walkthrough. I have just created the same sort of setup (on a Servermatrix win 2003 server with Plesk 6.5) and it seems to be working. Post back here if you still need help

  6. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    Yes, Please!!

    I had various issues with the PHP upgrade since last Thursday and had not have the time to look into going forward with the DNS 'thingy' :).

    This morning the PHP upgrade problem was resolved and now I am ready for the next challange of enabling the private label DNS entries.

    I'm ready whenever you are! (and thanks for helping me with this).

  7. neij

    neij Guest

    OK, I'll put something together later tonight and post a link to it. Please bear in mind that three weeks ago I was in the same position as you are now in, as a complete beginner. I now have a setup which seems to work, but I can't guarantee that it's the "right" way to do it. But despite very helpful advice from folks on the ServerMatrix forum it seems that there is still no definitive guide to doing nameservers with Plesk and Windows.

  8. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    I appreciate your help with this.
    BTW, did you upgrade PHP to 4.3.7 and installed Zend Optimizer? I went through hell with that simply since I didn't know about the need to save the php.ini on the side and then pasting it back in.
    If you need assistance with that,.. I can certainly help on this.

  9. neij

    neij Guest

    OK, I have put up my best attempt at a walkthrough at www.haverfordwest.net/info/pleskdns.html

    I would welcome comments, feedback, corrections etc. to neij at haverfordwest dot net

    Thanks for the offer. I haven't tried upgrading PHP yet, but will bear your offer in mind when I do!

  10. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    Hey Neij,

    I sent you an email with some suggestions.
    I'm still in the process of walking the steps.

    You are doing a great job!