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DNS prob

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by omer013, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. omer013

    omer013 Guest

    hello everyone,
    this is my prob - after i found the way to install plesk,
    everything is working,
    when i added my domain(xeon.co.il)
    and configured everything, i look in the panel - everythign is fine,
    all the zones are right, but when i try nslookup xeon.co.il
    i get nothing, i tryed to nslookup tru' my server
    and the server itself says no such domain, bla bla bla..

    here is my DNS records:
    NS1.xeonisrael.biz A
    NS2.xeonisrael.biz A
    www.xeon.co.il CNAME xeon.co.il.
    www.xeonisrael.biz CNAME xeonisrael.biz.
    xeon.co.il A
    xeon.co.il NS NS1.xeonisrael.biz.
    xeon.co.il NS NS2.xeonisrael.biz.
    xeonisrael.biz A
    xeonisrael.biz NS NS1.xeonisrael.biz.
    xeonisrael.biz NS NS2.xeonisrael.biz.

    * in the outside world ns1.xeonisrael.biz ==
    and ns2.xeonisrael.biz ==
    so it supose to work with noprob.. *

    can you please tell me whats wrong??

    Have a Nice day,
    Omer Raiter,
    Xeon Israel.
  2. kryz2501

    kryz2501 Guest


    From a look up it looks as though the authoritive name servers for the domain are

    Not xeonisrael.biz. You would have to update this with the registrar that you registered the domain with to point the the DNS server you've set your records on.
  3. tamir

    tamir Guest

    Hi omer .
    I'm from your country too :p
    Please contact with me.
    Little help won't harm .