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  1. kernelpaniker

    kernelpaniker Guest

    So I have Plesk running on CentOS 5 on a GoDaddy virtual dedicated server. I have about 7 domains on the server. One domain acts as the Name Server for the rest of the domains. So the other domains just use ns1.DOMAIN.com and ns2.DOMAIN.com for their name servers with different companies.

    All the domains seem to work well except for 2. Those happen to have a TDL of .mn and .bz, the rest are .com... does that matter? The problem seems to be that those other domains (.mn and .z) dont always resolve. Sometimes I can see them and sometimes I cant. If I hit refresh a bunch of times they usually show up. But if I try to get to them from proxy websites, I cant get them to show.

    I dont understand why this would happen. Could it be a problem with the company that the domain name is registered with?

    I have yum updated the server and there doesnt seem to be any more available updates.