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DNS trouble

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Eagle1, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Eagle1

    Eagle1 Guest


    Seem to be having trouble getting DNS to work on new setup. Most of the domains share an IP with primary nameserver. (The secondary nameserver is on same box temporarily - and its IP is not shared) There will be 2 domains assigned dediciated IPs.

    The server template is set as follows.

    <domain>. NS ns1.'mydomain'.net.
    <domain>. NS ns2.'mydomain'.net.
    <domain>. A <ip>
    <domain>. MX (10) mail.<domain>.
    <ip> / 24 PTR <domain>.
    ftp.<domain>. CNAME <domain>.
    mail.<domain>. A <ip>
    webmail.<domain>. A <ip>

    There also seems to be some kind of problem with nameserver setup . A lookup returns a nameserver fail but resolve.conf shows the 2 namervers . :confused:
  2. Who-m3

    Who-m3 Guest

    First, your NameServers have to be registered through your Domain Registrar. This makes them "valid" to the world. To do this, you'll need two things: The name server name (i.e. ns1/ns2/ns3, etc), and the IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx). Most Registrars today have web-based systems to register your NameServers. However, if you call their tech support, they'll be able to walk you through the process.

    Second, you'll need to create the A records for your ns records. This means you have to go into your domain (marked "mydomain", and create the A-line records related to the server (ns) to go to the IP you register it with. (This is so the record resolves, once it's fully propogated).

    Third, /etc/resolve.conf references the nameservers your box utilizes to obtain DNS resolution. Having your nameservers listed there only effects your box. Thus, it doesn't make DNS globally available. You'll need to follow the first two processes above to get your DNS working properly.
  3. Eagle1

    Eagle1 Guest

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have used these nameservers for 2 years and they were updated to point to corresponding new IPs weeks ago.

    I'm not following the train of thought on the second paragraph .. I know A records are needed ... but have been unsuccessful figuring out how to set them correctly though plesk