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Do Not Buy This Buy Helm

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by THIScpanelSUCKS, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. THIScpanelSUCKS

    THIScpanelSUCKS Guest


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  2. jerry2

    jerry2 Guest

    What a desperate Helm PR post...

    I have 3 Plesk servers, I upgraded few days back from 7.5 to 8.1.1 with no problem. I had only one problem and Plesk people called me, talked in English and helped me repair the problem.

    So go make ads to some other forum, ok?
  3. atomicmak

    atomicmak Guest

    here i am with your Jerry.

    i am using plesk on two linux and one windows and got good response from plesk moderators and staff about my queries.

    some of them personally helped me off their forum and requested to post on forum the same issue after it is been resolved so the point was that someone else can read that and that solution may help them.

    Plesk is the only i found which is Industry leading Panel.

    i've worked with cpanel, ensim, and hosting accelerator in past but my experience is that SWsoft is the one who knows professionalism and so that they build such a good product which is stable and robust.

    rest all are based on open source coding structure.
  4. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest

    I have issues every time i upgrade.
    Recently upgraded a production windows server and the upgrade caused parse errors, not only in domains and sub domains but schedulers etc.

    When I first purchased the software license and installed ever5thing ON a new server i had issues with features i paid for such as spam assassin and site builder not doing what they where supposed too, Dealt with support for almost 3 weeks before they would do anything. And by then the 30 support had expired so I had to purchase a support license and never even got it installed right. After paying plesk for the one time incident. It was fixed by them with in 4 hours of paying for support.

    Amazing they wouldn't help until i bought the support.

    Recent upgrade to 8.1.1 broke it again and they wanted more money. I had 2 full licenses for two servers and recently decided to give helm a try. Honestly there support and pricing is better and the panel loads faster and they actually helped me install everything for free.

    I don't know who you guys have spoken too are if y'all have even looked around the windows side of the forums but many post have gone unanswered for 1 to 2 years and yes some get responses immediately.

    Even plesk officers stat this is a member to member support forum and not a regularly watched support forum.

    Looking through there is only 2 posts i have noticed from plesk reps. And almost every one of these posts is short and hard to understand.

    Hell, there is a couple of posts I have made from last year and the year be for that haven't gotten answers yet.

    So the ball rolls both ways.

    I agree plesk sucks in some ways but I also agree helm has it down sides as well as with all company's. At least Helms forums have 22 active reps from the company who respond to posts with in hours instead of years.

    Honestly the lay out of helm is kinda hard to get around but in the end I do think helm is better.

    But I cant just drop 2 1500 dollar licenses to pay more for something else.

    So I am stuck with plesk.
    I do hate it so much since most the problems come from upgrades that dint work properly etc.

    And maybe you shouldn't flame one person when I personally fell the same as the first post. Again I'm just stuck with plesk.

    But you know all in all every one has a right to his or her own thoughts.
  5. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest

    oh and another thing. Plesk is trying to advertise to my customers with out saying anything. Helm did not. I think thats another reason plesk is getting bad.

    Go read the advertising post in the windows forum.

    I think a lot more users would do this is they wasnt already bound by fees paid.
  6. nettproffen

    nettproffen Guest

    Hi -

    I have been using Helm 3 for years, and then the latest Helm 4.
    - But now I have moved to Plesk for win. The reason is that the Helm 4 CP is very complex and very hard for customers to understand. It is a large amount of functions, but far less userfriendly. Helm 4 is also very buggy. I was spending hours and days on support issues. My opinion is that Helm 4 is not production ready, so I will not recommend using it.

    Helm has a very good support system, and the forums are very good. It is regulary updated and answered by tecnicans. In this case Swsoft has much to improve. But also - doing serious business - not all can be free. Paying USD 500 a year for great support and a good CP is not bad at all. Helm support is free for sure, but the errors and bugs are far more than in Plesk.

    Both systems has theire plusses and minuses. I belive Plesk is best for me. For others maybe Helm is best.

  7. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest

    I agree 100%,
    Plesks interface is far user friendly but the support for helm is better,

    Either or both are still great products,
    If you value support over performance helms the way to go. It may be full of bugs but atleast there support responds quickly and tries to help.

    Atleast they dont respond like some of the responses in this forum

    By Sergius(Admin)
    comments like this dont make me fell better about plesks support.

    Now if you like something easier to understand and performance is little better plesk is the way to go.

    Every one will and does have his or her own opinion.

    I have used helm and when a problem or error occurs support offers way to fix instead of saying things like

    By Sergius (admin)
    or having posts go un answered like


    and this is for 8.1 wich is new
    now looking back I found posts almost a year old with no answers.


    and even further back

    now im not going to say helms forums is better but a quick look at there forums the posts that go unanswerd are far and few between and plesk forum there are atleast 5 to 10 posts per page that are unanswered or have more posts regarding people asking about the same issues and still go unanswered.

    So, in the end I believe helms support tries harder.

    But again to each his own
  8. ts3441

    ts3441 Guest

    Plesk Support

    I agree with the posters in terms of online and phone support. I really had difficulty with connecting to someone on the phone, who speaks descent english at Plesk office. Several times, whoever picked up the phone either sounded like i just woke them up or they were the ones who called me for support! Most of the time, i have been told something which i did not understand and they put me on hold.

    Online forums dont seem to be monitored and answered by Plesk support personnel...the ones who answer them, mostly Sergius who happens to give correct and proper knowledge to us, they post replies really late.

    I like Plesk control panel overall. 2 reasons why i did not choose Helm. One is their location. I wanted to choose a company who has offices in the States. Although Helm claims that they have local numbers, they are VoIp and the calls are routed to UK. The other reason was the complex interface of Helm. When i chose Plesk, i had no idea that the support would be this complex. A known company who provides turnkey solutions like this should provide a better end user support. Go and check out SmarterTools forums...the staff do monitor the posts and they really DO reply to you.
  9. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest

    I believe is plesks forums where more updated and more techs frequented this forum, Plesk would be the absolute best,
    As for the people answering phones, most where hard to understand or even get answers from, finally after being on hold for over 2 hours, i finally spoke to someone i could understand with very little accent. and he actually helped me fix my problem and gave me suggestions. This came after almost 4 hours and 32 minutes of being on the phone. It took 3 hours and 35 minutes to get to him.
    Finally after speaking to him he understood everything, knew exactly how to fix it and walked me through it. Which honestly I think he did not have to do. But when he answered I was already hot and ready to go round. He was quick and very friendly.

    So when you finally get to I there Tier 3 support you get answers quickly. But it might take a couple hours of holding and some really hard to speak to people who seem to know nothing about this product wich make me think they out source there call center or something.

    Anyways, plesk is now fine after a few weeks and nothing is going on. Servers are fine and all sites are fine so I guess oncethe bugs are worked out of your systems Plesk is ok.

    Still wish support would get better.
  10. henry@

    henry@ Guest

    There is no doubt that Plesk 8.1.1 for Windows is the most advanced and most secure CP on the market. Forget about Helm 3 or 4 they are not even close to the plesk core technology. of course it has bugs like nothing is and never will be 100% BUG free. That's the fact.

    Yes, you are right, the admins should visit the forums more often and interact more.
  11. IG0R

    IG0R Guest

    Plesk is a very good software, but the swsoft support is the worse that i ever seen.

    one year ago the support is very very bad but some times we got some sucefull response, but now the only response is payme and get a reply and im saying about emails talkking about Plesk Bugs.

    All software have bugs its obvious but the question is HOW the developer work with this.

    Plesk updates is very slow some times ago we found a bug with 8.1 and posted here so one moderator said "wait the next update that will be release in a few months".

    Maybe kids that play with plesk hosting 2 personal sites can hear this, but people like me and many others, that work and live with a hosting businness, the fix release in few months" cannot be accepted

    It Isn´t a kids playground, it is a business and one company that sell a software with the price that plesk is sold, NEED TO GUARANTEE WHAT THEY SELL.
  12. henry@

    henry@ Guest

    Igor, most serious and big companies run Plesk for windows without any problems. And yes of course it costs money to get support.

    I personally love plesk and the way it works.

  13. bizstreet

    bizstreet Guest

    Generally Plesk is not problematic. We were OK with the 8.1.1 (windows), the woes started after we upgraded to 8.2 . Till then I have been scratching my head :)
    Worse, why cannot Plesk 8.2 backup psa file (taken from Windows Plesk Backup option) be restored in Plesk 8.1.1?
    I agree it is a very advanced Control Panel. We tried Helm and did not opt for it as it is complex and difficult for users, Plesk on the other hand is very user-friendly. But when you need a support, it is Big trouble.
    If SWsoft Management can work more on this area, then it will clearly the best control panel.
  14. pdws

    pdws Guest

  15. pdws

    pdws Guest

    Btw, I used to deal with Helm Support and I wouldn' praise them that much.
  16. henry@

    henry@ Guest

    The fact is that Plesk should completly REMOVE all the advertisement links or make it Enable/Disable in the admin area. But other than that Plesk is getting better and better. Plesk costs money as everything else what's good cost money. You get what you pay for.
    Yes, support here in the forums is bad but the forums is for us not for the support from swsoft. This is just a discussions area not a Official Support/Help Desk of SWSOFT. So don't get upsset guys if Sergius is not answering the topics here all the time.
  17. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
    Likes Received:

    We have recently made efforts to improve supporting of forum, is it not so?