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Domain alias, mail bounced

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by RobertS, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. RobertS

    RobertS Guest


    I added a Web+FTP+mail alias to an existing domain.
    For example:
    Domain: example1.com
    alias added: example2.com
    E-mail address: info@example1.com

    The web alias itself works perfectly, when I go to www.example2.com I see the site of example1.com

    But when I send a mail to info@example1.com and a CC to info@example2.com the CC is bounced back. I cannot send any mails to: @example2.com

    I use Plesk 7.5.6 with Merak mail server

    Can someone advise me what is wrong here and how to fix this?
  2. vekna

    vekna Guest

    Try to use command

    %plesk_bin%\mchk --all --fix=all

    Or check mail aliases via Merak CP.
  3. RobertS

    RobertS Guest

    Dat does not work

    When you run that command it still does not work.
    In merak self there is no option to set alias mail.

    The strange thing is that the account example2.com is also listed in merak CP als domain. I think it is created by Plesk when I added it as domain for DNS purposes.
    The alias is also added as domain but without hosting, is is only added for DNS.

    So why does this not work?