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Domain Directories, SQL Databases and Dr. Web --- Noob Needs Help

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by TommasoB, May 8, 2012.

  1. TommasoB

    TommasoB Guest

    Hi all! As the title says, I'm absolutely new to Plesk and Linux-based server management.
    I have three little problems that I need to resolve, but I don't have enough experience and I just don't want to mess up with my new dedicated server until I get what I want with the risk of broking something.

    My server is running on Linux CentOS 6.2 and uses Plesk 10.4.

    1) I have only 1Gb of RAM and Dr. Web is eating up half of it. I read somewhere on this forum that I can replace it with something less memory intensive like ClamAV, but the how-to looked kinda outdated and it was made for another Linux platform... can someone just tell me step by step using SSH commands how to:
    - shut down Dr. Web
    - completely uninstall and remove it
    - correctly install, setup and run ClamAV

    2) I added a few databases on MySQL server using PHPMyAdmin and I noticed that they are not getting listed in my Plesk panel. How can I "synchronize" my MySQL with Plesk so that they show up there? It would be sometimes pretty usefull to modify them through Plesk without having to log into PHPMyAdmin every time.

    3) When my hoster gave me the server, there already was a domain installed on Plesk DNS panel. Something like 8digits.hosterdomain.hostertld. So... I added my domain (let's call it mydomain.com) to DNS listings. I had to do something wrong with it and it ended up sharing the public directory with the hoster domain. So... now if I connect with my browser to 8digits.hosterdomain.hostertld or www.mydomain.com, I see my website on both.
    How can I change domain directories and Apache settings so that if I connect to 8digits.hosterdomain.hostertld I see a blank page and if I connect to www.mydomain.com I see my website?
    If I browse /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/conf and I read the "_httpd.include" file I see both domains are also sharing other types of data, like:

    UserDir "/var/www/vhosts/8digits.hosterdomain.hostertld/web_users"
    ErrorLog "/var/www/vhosts/8digits.hosterdomain.hostertld/statistics/logs/error_log"

    This is absolutely wrong and I need to find a way to split those website properly.

    Many, many thanks in advance!
  2. TommasoB

    TommasoB Guest

    No one can help please? =(
  3. TommasoB

    TommasoB Guest

    -----> Bump :(
  4. TommasoB

    TommasoB Guest

    Seriously... no one can give any suggestions about it?