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domain does not resolve

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by dr2web, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. dr2web

    dr2web Guest

    Please forgive my ignorance if any. I am new to plesk and windows servers.

    I recently purchased a windows machine, and put plesk on to it. I put one domain on to it so far. I had some problems along the way, but I think that I have the domain finally installed correctly.

    When I access the domain as http://domainname.com it asks me for a user, pass, and domain. I can enter whatever I want there because there is no authentication actually happening. Even if I use a valid user/pass combination I get nothing.

    When I access the site as http://www.domainname.com I get the properly resolved domain.

    What causes this. If I was on my linux box I would look at httpd.conf, but I don't think that apache is being used here, and I have no idea where the configuration file for the Windows server is located.

    Anyone here have any ideas that might work?

  2. jp_andino

    jp_andino Guest

    Hi, quick question...

    When you created your domain, did you typed WWW.yourdomain.com or just yourdomain.com

    Did you have " DNS zone by the template WWW Prefix" selected?

    It may be a conflict on one of those things....

    By default, when I created a domain I have "DNS zone by the template WWW Prefix" selected and i never add the WWW prefix on the new domains i create manually into plesk.