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domain email not working

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by phingers, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. phingers

    phingers Guest

    I had a problem with my qmail, and basically had to do a package add of qmail again, that fixed my queue and other issues.

    Now all the email on the server works except for one domain

    How do I re-enable the email for that domain? I get the following when sending mail to it.

    Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)

    I've done mchk -v

    I've disabled the domain and re-enabled it.

    I've changed spam settings.

    I've checked that popuser owns the mailboxes, everything is the same as one of my other domains.

    next steps I haven't tried.

    remove the whole domain?

  2. Starwing

    Starwing Guest

    Try this

    Man qmail-newu

    qmail-newu - prepare address assignments for qmail-lspawn


    qmail-newu reads the assignments in /var/qmail/users/assign
    and writes them into /var/qmail/users/cdb in a binary format
    suited for quick access by qmail-lspawn.

    If there is a problem with users/assign, qmail-newu
    complains and leaves users/cdb alone.

    qmail-newu ensures that users/cdb is updated atomically, so
    qmail-lspawn never has to wait for qmail-newu to finish.
    However, qmail-newu makes no attempt to protect against two
    simultaneous updates of users/cdb.

    The binary users/cdb format is portable across machines.