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Dr Web available??

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by addstravel, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. addstravel

    addstravel Guest

    Does anyone know when Dr Web is going to be available for windows plesk????

    Really need to install an antivirus solution and may have to go elsewhere if not ready in the VERY near future.

  2. flyby

    flyby Guest

    In the latest update (servicepack 2 Plesk 7.0.3)!
  3. addstravel

    addstravel Guest

    Patch alerts

    Thanks, will download now!

    Would be good to have announcements posted from Sw-Soft then we would know.... :)
  4. cbtrussell

    cbtrussell Guest

    I've installed the 7.0.3 patch and then ClamAV and now see ClamAV in the Plesk CP. I have selected ClamAV as the default AV engine in the Default Components page.

    I am unable to get ClamAV working however; I can send the eicar test virus through without a problem. I am using MailEnable Pro.

    What is required to get ClamAV to actually processes inbound mail? Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Thank you,

  5. cbtrussell

    cbtrussell Guest

    Nevermind, you have to stop the DrWeb service and start ClamAV service in

    Server > Service Management
  6. addstravel

    addstravel Guest

    How to use Dr Web...

    Successfully installed version 7.0.3 now (easy to update thanks sw-soft) and have the Dr Web service available in the server management section. However, I cannot see where I can use this for the 15 free accounts used in plesk? Looking at the Dr Web page on the sw-soft.com website shows the config functionality available for Dr Web... where is this?
  7. ditonth

    ditonth Guest

    I have the exact Same Problem. On screen shots of Dr.Web I noticed also that there is an AntiSpam Icon for the Mailboxes, which I don't have either in Plesk 7 + SP2.