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Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by soteros, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. soteros

    soteros Guest

    Just bought a plesk drweb licence and installed the additional licence key on my RedHat EL3 server running PSA_7.5.4 but drweb functionality appears to be limited to 15 mailboxes!

    This is apparently because there is no drweb32.key installed in opt/drweb.

    The documentation files describe how to obtain a drweb32.key from the the drweb.com site provided you are able to input the serial number of your version of the software however there is no mention of this in the information provided with the plesk additional licence key I received when purchasing drweb.

    Any one know what I am doing wrong or how to get a permanent drweb32.key installed.
  2. soteros

    soteros Guest

    Raised a trouble ticket with plesk support about this and they responded quickly and helpfully.
    Seems that a critical file (/usr/local/psa/bin/app-key-handler.antivir-drweb-4) needed to create the /opt/drweb/drweb32.key license key when the PLSK.xxx license is uploaded to the control panel is not found on 7.5.4 installations.
    The support tech has has escalated the ticket to the development team for further investigation.
  3. soteros

    soteros Guest

    Issue now resolved, support provided a hotfix with missing handler and instructions to change permissions and ownerships so that opt/drweb/drweb32.key was automatically generated when installing the plesk license keys.