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E-mail issues with multiple domains served from one IP

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by rbearusa, May 14, 2008.

  1. rbearusa

    rbearusa Guest

    Everything was going well, four domains up and running until...
    Spamhaus and CBL nailed my VPS IP due to "HELO" being "localhost.localdomain". I tried using the IP for hostname, but PLESK would not allow. I arbitrarily selected one domain (D1) as hostname. PLESK accepted it and the VPS is no longer "blacklisted".

    Apparent consequences:
    1. I can no longer send e-mail from D1 except to another domain (D2) on the VPS (D2 addresses can both send and receive)
    2. I can receive e-mail on D1 except from my company's server.

    There's more. In researching this issue, I noticed that received e-mail headers indicated that they were randomly routed through one of the other five domains I have set up on the VPS rather than the true destination (D1), two of which are still in process (no DNS xfer as yet) and hosted elsewhere.

    Confused? You bet!

    I've read through the doco and found nothing as yet that directly addresses running multiple domains via one IP. Perhaps I'm overlooking something. My goals are twofold: obviously, correct the problem at hand, but also to really get a handle on how the PLESK software works.

    Thanks for any help!