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Email to Gmail

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by Cobra1337, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Cobra1337

    Cobra1337 Guest

    Migrating Email to ....


    Please excuse me if this topic has been brought up already as I am new to the forums:

    We host emails for several different clients through Plesk which uses Postfix. We are encountering a lot of email issues which are taking up a lot of time and we would like to migrate our users to a more reliable manage solution like google apps/gmail so that we can basically get out of the email business.

    Does anyone know any solutions that could help resolve this major issue we are having?

    Thank you.
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  2. VyReN LLC

    VyReN LLC Guest

    I do not believe so. Plesk "knows" how to configure qMail and PostFix for mail handling. As far as this guy is aware, Plesk cannot configure itself to use Google Mail services.

    I do have to ask...what kind of mail problems are you having? One thing Plesk has been good at since version 10 is mail services. Plesk 9? Not so much...but at least for us, Plesk 10 has been great handling ~5,000 e-mail addresses/accounts. But we use qmail, not PostFix. Last time I tired PostFix...it wasn't pretty (Plesk 9.something).
  3. Cobra1337

    Cobra1337 Guest

    Hey, thanks for your reply! Main issues are that we are getting a lot of spam. This week we had a major issue with 1.2 million spam emails generated through a script which was hacked onto the server sitting in queue causing an overload on the server leading to real emails being backed up. After looking into it, we noticed that the name of the sender was always blank. Now, we are looking into spam filters to ensure that any email sent has to have a sender from the domains we have setup.

    Anyway, basically we are trying to get out of the email business because it is truly something we do not care to manage as our company is transitioning into different areas. We were on Plesk 9, but have moved everything to a new server with Plesk 10. Our previous server was always giving us problems since it was setup, so we just decided to port everything over to the new server.

    We are just trying to figure out a simple and efficient solution to moving our client base of email users over to a Canadian email hosting provider so that we can no longer be in charge of managing it, even if that means we have to pay a few bucks a month per domain/user.
  4. VyReN LLC

    VyReN LLC Guest

    For what is it worth, even with e-mail being processed on an external service, that script attack would have still worked. You need to secure any scripting that can send e-mail. Its a pain.

    We use the "Power Pack" option for Plesk, which includes SpamAssassin. Worth every penny. Twice. Something you may want to look into. But I couldn't agree with you more, hosting the e-mail services on top of everything else is a royal pain. I do work for several small web dev companies using Plesk and C-Panel and I'l say 80% of the work I do is e-mail related. Always a pain.

    While I've never setup mail hosting outside of Plesk, it is possible. You'd have to create the e-mail accounts and domains on that outside server manually, and make a small DNS change to each domain on your server...but it is possible. I'm not familiar with any e-mail services out there so I can't really suggest anything.

    Oh, I see the problem. Damn Canadians. I hear your cars have square wheels.

    Ignorant American
  5. 64bithost.com

    64bithost.com Regular Pleskian

    Jul 30, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Qmail to Gmail

    It is possible to use the Qmail to Gmail option.

    To do so you get a maximum of five (5) inbound accounts from Gmail.com. in this fashion


    or five (5) different email address


    Now POP those accounts by in the first example mail.thisisatestdomain.com. Then put in the Full User name xxx@thisisatestdomain.com and the known password. Gmail.com will then ask the user to VERIFY this action in the email.

    This is great for users of Android phones with Gmail.com accounts


    remember (RTM)