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Fatal error: file config.php was not found

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by spliff, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. spliff

    spliff Guest


    I've just performed a fresh installation of SiteBuilder on two separate machines with each machine running CentOS 4.3. However, upon trying to load the sitebuilder page on either machine, I get this message:

    Fatal error: file config.php was not found. Please, reinstall SiteBuilder.

    So I performed a recursive search using the the `find' command on the entire sitebuilder folder, bit no results were returned from the search. So just in case, I then looked in the include folder. No config.php file in there. Untarred SiteBuilder-2.1.3-centos42.build060322.17.tgz and then unpacked the rpm's that were contained inside and there's no config.php anywhere within the tar file itself or within any of the rpm's either.

    Furthermore, referring to this page here:


    if you are upgrading from version 1.1, then you should delete config.php first. Now, while we aren't upgrading, if we were, and we deleted config.php as per the instructions, then where is config.php supposed to magically appear from?

    Finally, something that appears to be really screwy to me is that in doinst.sh which is contained within Sitebuilder-2.1.3-rhel4.build060322.17.i386.rpm, there is a conditional statement that tests for the existence of config.php:

    if [ -f $configfile ]; then
    sed "s/\"include_path\", \"\.:.*:\"/\"include_path\", \"\.::$sb_path\/sitebuilder\/include:\"/" $configfile > $configfile.1
    mv $configfile.1 $configfile
    chown $APACHE_USER:$APACHE_USER $configfile

    This indicates to me that the installer should not assume that the config.php exists but instead, it should test for its existence. So it might be present - but then again, it might not... lol! So where is this mysterious config.php to be found then? :D
  2. spliff

    spliff Guest

    Ok. Nevermind. I was trying to install SiteBuilder in a subdomain ;) However, It seems that the path:


    is hardcoded into one or more of the php files. So after installing to the default directory etc, it's all good.