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Feedback from Customers who are using SiteBuilder

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by nwdhosting, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. nwdhosting

    nwdhosting Guest

    Hi -

    We have been using SiteBuilder for a few months and have had some success with it. We're still figuring out what the best ways are to catagorize the templates, although we were able to customize and "brand" the SiteBuilder interface to match the rest of our web site.

    Below is a comment from a non-technical customer about their experiences using both SiteBuilder and the PPWSE:
    (Where the user refers to "PLESK", he is speaking about the PPWSE.)

    Our guess is that some of the issues that this user is going through is due to some weaknesses in the SiteBuilder documentation. Some additional pages probably need to be added on how to change certain sections of a layout -- such as replacing one background image in a template with another.

    It would also be handy if there was an appendix in the SiteBuilder manual that talks about transitioning your web site from being edited in SiteBuilder to being maintained in PPWSE.

    From our perspective, what we've seen is that customers want to start out with the SiteBuilder -- they love it, and it makes things easy. But, after a while they start to chafe at the limitations of the SiteBuilder editor, and that's when they are ready to start using the PPWSE.

    A manual, similiar in scope and style to what is available with the SiteBuilder product would be really useful for PPWSE. It would also be nice if the PPWSE was a little smarter about overwriting a SiteBuilder web site.

    Perhaps there needs to be some kind of a check to make sure that there isn't already content in the target directory before allowing a user to publish from PPWSE? If PPWSE found that there was a SiteBuilder web site out there, it should pop-up a notice to the end-user saying "There seems to be a SiteBuilder web site out here. Are you SURE you want to OVERWRITE it?".


    Noah Kaufman
    NWD Hosting