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First Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Kinkify, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Kinkify

    Kinkify Guest

    Just yesterday we purchased a virtual dedicated server for our company websites, and everything was going great until I started to get e-mails up and running.

    I tried searching the forums but none of the threads were of much help; in short, I don't know Linux.

    I was able to configure the domains just fine, but when I set up e-mail accounts and tried to send e-mails to them, they weren't recieving any. Also, I didn't recieve any errors on the side I sent them e-mail from. Anytime I try sending an e-mail through Horde, it gives me the error: There was an error sending your message: unable to connect to smtp server localhost:25

    I have also tried configuring Thunderbird to send e-mail through the SMTP server and I recieved a similar error.

    Please help. :( Go Daddy sure isn't.
  2. Kinkify

    Kinkify Guest

    Nevermind... it seems running

    did the trick.
  3. chitchatonline

    chitchatonline Guest

    i have the same problem... where do you do this???

    i can't figure it out...

    how do you killall???
  4. Kinkify

    Kinkify Guest

    Hey there.

    After further inspection it seemed the problem was that we had configured one of our e-mail addresses to recieve all e-mails that were addressed to non-existant accounts. If you have any that are configured in this way, you should disable them immediately.
  5. starving_artist

    starving_artist Guest

    I am having the same problem

    what does that "code" actually do? I would like to know before I try it
  6. Kinkify

    Kinkify Guest

    See if the problem has anything to do with the last post I made first. All the commands did were shutdown the 2 xinetd services and opened up only 1.