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force qmail remote-queue processing

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by pingu@, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. pingu@

    pingu@ Guest


    my server is used by spammers. i have no ides how to stop them & for the moment i don't even care, what i want, is that my remote queue is beeing processed and the waiting mails from my clients are being delivered. i tried qmhandle -a without success (no errors either). i also tried kill -s ALRM <pid>, no success. any help? i'm pretty desolate..
  2. worker

    worker Guest

    If you dont care about stopping spammers, probably you will not get alot of help.

    1. stop qmail

    2. disable any forums, home made scripts, formmail scripts, etc, then search for things like POST in your logs to find out which script(s) are being exploited. _fix or remove them_

    3. use /var/qmail/bin/* and qmhandle to identify and remove the spam.

    4. turn on qmail
  3. pingu@

    pingu@ Guest

    thanks, worker
    i hope nobody gets me wrong about not wanting to stop spammers..in the first moment i was just paniking that lots of mails would be lost, and that was my first concern.
    i followed your tip and deleted old php scripts. i will now have to investigate what happend and look for POST and other stuff..
    but how comes some mails just stay in the queue? is there a way to find out why they are not being delivered?