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FTP Issue since AutoUpdate to

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Nukkom, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Nukkom

    Nukkom Guest


    FTP Issue:confused:

    Since the AutoUpdate with the lastest Plesk Update 070919.13.
    We have notice that every new FTP account dont work. But all FTP accounts that were created prior to this update still work fine.

    We realized that when creating a new FTP account with a newly and previously created domain in Plesk that the user account folder in \default\27098\localuser is not generated.

    Users are created in the 'Local users and Group' as Plesk FTP Users
    and are members of the 'ftp_subaccounts'.

    We also see that we have 2 'MSFTP_XXXXXXXX' groups for each IP.
    - the new ftp user is in 'MSFTP_XXXXXXXB' and not in 'MSFTP_XXXXXXXA'.

    - the new ftp user is in 'MSFTP_XXXXXXXB' and not in 'MSFTP_XXXXXXXA'.

    This seems like an upgrade issue.

    If we now look at the FTP site in ISS associated to the XXX.XXX.XXX.XX1 IP we see that in the permission that
    'MSFTP_XXXXXXXA' has access and not 'MSFTP_XXXXXXXB' were the newly created ftp users are in.

    Since the new FTP users are currently not working and we are trying
    to troubleshoot to find the problem we had never seen these groups in
    the past because Plesk was working fine and we did not start looking
    at everything Plesk does under the roof.

    Before changing anything we would like to know if someone had this issue and can someone confirm to us that we
    pin pointed our problem correctly.

    And if we change the permissions by chaging the group that contains the newly generated ftp user thru IIS will Plesk
    work correctly after words.

    What would be suggested.

    We would like to thank everyone that will take the time and help us in advance.

    Nukkom Solutions Inc.
    System Administrator
  2. Nukkom

    Nukkom Guest


    This is thw way we fixed it.

    We ran Plesk Reconfigurator. It has regenerated the FTP groups.
    We had to regenerate all website.

    Delete/Setup every website and restored website backups to get back the website because everything was erased when deleting.

    We really dont know how this could of happened.

    We were lucky that we had onlt 15 sites on this server.

    So if someone reads this reply and has a better solution to get around this issue please let us know.


    Case close or the moment!


    CFHCOMP Guest

    I would be interested to know of a different fix as one of my machines has the same issue.