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FTP question.

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by niobium8, May 3, 2005.

  1. niobium8

    niobium8 Guest

    Our server has currently been moved to a new server using Plesk.

    I don't claim to know a lot about server administration. I'm a web admin and really don't know much in that department.

    Working with our server custodian I am attempting to set up what we had on our old server.

    What we had was several user name and passwords set up to FTP into certain directories so they could update the website they are responsible for. All set up for non-profit appointed people.

    So a person new to the internet would be appointed by a committee to web admin and easy but informative website. They would use their favorite html editing application and make changes to their website and ftp in using the user name and password the committee gave them (which is a set name and pw) and upload the new website content.

    Our server admin (people we rent from) says we can create the same thing we had before with Plesk. I've been all throw the manual and all through the Plesk control panel. I don't see anything.

    Heres what our control panel looks like:

    I'm not sure if this makes any difference or not but Anonymous FTP is grayed out (not available).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Brian C.

    Brian C.
    BestBuyApplanceParts.com (http://www.bestbuyapplianceparts.com)
  2. Antony

    Antony Guest

    Well, if you are using shared IPs - than there will be no chance to use anonFTP service. It is enabled only when exclusive IP is used for hosting. At least this is said in "users manual", p68.
    So user have to auth when trying to ftp. Login/pass can be created via "Web users" button. (See p. 58 of users manual).