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Issue Getting Composer to recognise auxiliary json files

Discussion in 'Plesk Suggestions and Feedback' started by Dengro, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Dengro

    Dengro New Pleskian

    Sep 24, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Support for Composer is a rather welcome addition to Plesk (many thanks for this!), especially if you're reliant on shared hosting. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble making good use of it on MediaWiki installations.

    The problem is that while MediaWiki comes with its own composer.json file, it defers any additional extensions and libraries to a file called composer.local.json. From the docs:

    "MediaWiki core "owns" $IP/composer.json and will change the contents of that file in both tarball and Git managed updates. In order to allow local installs to use Composer to load optional libraries and/or manage extensions with Composer, a special plugin for Composer named composer-merge-plugin was developed. This plugin and the MediaWiki core composer.json configuration allow a local deployment to add required extensions and libraries to a file composer.local.json inside the root MediaWiki directory."

    Is there any way we can tell Plesk to look for composer.local.json files as well? If not, could such a feature be added to a future release?

    Some useful links:
    Composer - MediaWiki
    Help:Installation/Example "composer.local.json" file - semantic-mediawiki.org