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Having problem install Plesk Panel 9

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by rhunn71, May 11, 2009.

  1. rhunn71

    rhunn71 Guest


    I have problem install Plesk Panel 9 control panel after I ran yum -y update on CentOS 5.2. Here is the error I got.

    Determining the packages that need to be installed.
    ERROR: You have a newer version of the php-common package installed on your system.
    The installation will not continue.

    It seems that you installed latest packages from your operating system vendor's
    site. To install the product packages successfully, you need to point the
    auto-installer to the vendor's package repository. To do this, create a text
    file with name .autoinstallerrc in the /root/ directory on the server, and add
    the following line to the file:

    ADDITIONAL_SOURCE="<type>, <priority>, <url>, <username>, <password>"

    where you should replace <type> with "repomd" value, <priority> with a number from
    1 to 999 (999 is the highest priority), and <url> with a URL of the vendor
    updates source. The values <username> and <password> are required
    only if your vendor's site requires authentication. Save the file and
    exit from the text editor. Then run the auto-installer again.
    Not all packages were installed.
    Please, resolve the above problem and try installing the packages again.
    If you cannot resolve the problem on your own, contact product technical support for assistance.

    Can you guys help me resolve this issue.