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High Availability using 2 server cluster

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by BrianDns, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. BrianDns

    BrianDns Guest

    Hello all,

    This is my first post here although I have been a Plesk user for a long time now.

    I have a problem I am trying to solve. The object is to achieve high availability (99.99%+) and uptime using 2 servers. The only software on the servers that requires a license is Plesk, so my bigest questions lie there.

    Here is what I had in mind:

    I install 2 servers with identical CentOS configuration and Plesk.
    Server 1: DELL PowerEdge R410
    Server 2: DELL PowerEdge 1950

    Server 1 is live on the internet and that is where users get servered from. Server two is just sitting there receiving routine data syncs. I figured I could install the same sever setup on both servers, configure the same settings then use rsync to keep server 1's data in sync with server 2. The only thing I am not sure about is the databases.

    Also, I would like to avoid having to pay for 2 Plesk licenses so can I keep 1 server as a nonactive version and the live server as the active version.

    Also, I would not be apposed to just stripping it down to the basics: Apache, PHP, MySQL, Python, etc and have the second server use not control panel but maintain the settings Plesk has on Apache to just simply server the files while I repair the first server.

    Im still trying to wrap my head around this, so I am very open to any suggestions.

  2. FollowTheMedia

    FollowTheMedia New Pleskian

    Aug 26, 2011
    Likes Received:
    So in order to achieve HA you are using a master-slave architecture with the slave acting as a hot copy.
    As the slave is a perfect functionally server, I think there is no way to avoid paying the license fee.
    However ask sales dpt!
  3. BrianDns

    BrianDns Guest

    Thats what I was hoping not to hear.

    My understanding of Plesk is that it just runs on the top level and offers a GUI to control the Apache/web server files.

    I may be completely wrong here, but would it be true that you can strip Plesk and have just the bare bones to host the sites via apache?