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Horde/MailEnable problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by mysticBoer, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. mysticBoer

    mysticBoer Guest

    I have a server running Windows 2003.
    Mail Server : MailEnable
    Webmail Client : Horde 4.0.1

    When I go to webmail.mydomain.com (which worked fine up and till 2 weeks ago) I get the following error :

    I am unable to get to my login screen at all.

    If I log on to my server remotely(Remote Desktop), and type in webmail.mydomain.com the Horde email client opens up like it usually does, with no errors at all?

    Any suggestions? This is very urgent...
  2. mysticBoer

    mysticBoer Guest

    OK, I suppose this is a new one to you guys as well. What I can add is this :

    This morning I did a virus scan using TrendMicro HouseCall. I found 2 instances of the same worm, worm.Stration. The system removed these two instances. I restarted the server, re-did the scan and found nothing. My webmail however remains unchanged.

    Also, sometimes email get's stuck in the MailEnable queue. A user would be able to download up to 147kb and then it stalls/times out.

    This has happened to multiple users...
  3. rackset

    rackset Guest

    It seems a bug in Horde content copmression code causes this.

    You should set

    $conf['compress_pages'] = false;

    in webmail/horde/config/conf.php. This resolved our issue.