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How can i start a 2nd DNS server through Plesk's panel ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by MaRiOs, May 6, 2005.

  1. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    I need to start a second DNS server in another ip.
    For example if my domain is www.mydomain.com and my nameserver is ns.mydomain.com i want to start a second service in which the ns will be ns2.mydomain.com and it will have a new ip that ill give to it.

    I want to do this through the panel not manualy through the shell of Red Had.

    Any suggestions ?
  2. editor

    editor Guest


    server --> Server Administration --> ip-adresses

    After it, you have added 2 ip-numbers which should become
    DNS. The final result should be following:


    STEP 1
    So, for the first, go to

    General --> domains ---> mydomainname.tld

    Domains > mydomainname.tld >
    DNS zone for the domain mydomainname.tld is a master DNS

    Add record type (Add a DNS record)

    ns1.mydomainname.tld. A
    ns2.mydomainname.tld. A
    (Note: There must be a "point" behind the tld!!!)
    (Note: 111.111.111.X is only an example. Use your both
    different ip-numbers please)

    Save it. This means, that these domainnames

    ns1.mydomainname.tld and

    can be resolved now onto this server-machine. This is one of
    the most important thing.

    Every other domainname can have now ns1.mydomainname.tld and
    ns2.mydomainname.tld as DNS. To avoid, that you must always
    manual type this in each domainname-section, go to your

    Server --> Server Administration --> DNS

    [Add New Records] and it should be there then

    <domain>. NS ns1.mydomainname.tld
    <domain>. NS ns2.mydomainname.tld
    (Note: There must be a "point" behind the tld!!!)

    This means now following: Everytime, if you add a new
    domainname to your PLESK-server, it will add everytime
    automatically the

    newdomain.tld. NS ns1.mydomainname.tld
    newdomain.tld. NS ns2.mydomainname.tld

    Everytime, if you register a new domainname, this means,
    that you can always use just ns1.mydomainname.tld and
    ns2.mydomainname.tld. The domain-registry is only a
    database, which should explain a computer, which DNS can
    resolve a domainname. It knows then, that
    ns1.mydomainname.tld and ns2.mydomainname.tld must be asked.
    And ns1.mydomainname.tld and ns2.mydomainname.tld do know
    very well whats going on with "domainname.tld".

  3. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Thank you my friend i ll test it as soon i ll have my second IP.

    What version of Plesk do u have ? cause the menus seem a little different. I user 7.5.2 reloaded.
  4. editor

    editor Guest

    One of the problem is, that many providers and Plesk-Resellers
    do not allow to have more than 1 IP-number. I dont know, if
    you have the luck to get more than 1 IP-numbers (which
    provider do you use? Maybe we will change one of our
    Plesk-Server to another provider. We re still searching).

    A good way would be to have 3 IP-numbers.

    1 IP-Number for all your domainnames (exclusive or shared)
    1 IP-Number for your ns1.mydomainname.tld
    1 IP-Number for your ns2.mydomainname.tld

    Of course, you can also do it with only 2 IP-Numbers, no problem.

    If you want to do it very professional, then give each domainname
    an own IP-Number. The effect in the search-machines
    for each domainname is gigantic.

    My description before talks about Plesk 7.5 Reloaded and 7.5.2
    Reloaded, runninng onto Linux. It is anyhow the same way
    since Plesk 5.x.
  5. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    our server is based at http://www.serverbeach.com/
    im not sure how we will get the second ip ,cause im only an employee.
    My superior will do that request from them.
    I'll notify you with the completetion of the task.
  6. editor

    editor Guest

    It depends where you are located. IP-numbers can be ordered


    North- and South-America

    Asian Pacifician



    See also http://www.iana.org/ipaddress/ip-addresses.htm

    Or you just ask your provider/backbone-provider to forward
    some unused IP-numbers to your PLESK-server.

    We had 256 IP-Numbers running directly via RIPE.NET.
    You can also call such IP-Numbers "european ip-numbers".
    But with the moving from Europe back to USA, we were not
    allowed also to move our IP-Block to USA. We have to order
    a complete new IP-Block at ARIN.


    Our problem is following: Plesk 7.5.2 allows you to add
    255 IP-numbers, but the PLESK-reseller does not allow this.
    The PLESK/SW-Soft itself have problems to fix this abusing.
    We have 25 dedicated servers and each server should get
    3 IP-numbers. The rest of the IP-numbers which are not used
    can be ordered extra by a client. It is not expensive, it costs
    about 5 USD.
  7. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    My superior said he has to order from Arin,and that its difficult to give you a never used before ip.

    How do u use resellers on your server ?
    u create clients with many privileges ? or there is an mod or add on to create resellers ?
  8. editor

    editor Guest

    There are different ways to do it. A client can be the root
    of 1 complete dedicated server (running Plesk). This
    dedicated server has 3 IP-Numbers.
    1 IP-number for domainname(s) of the client.
    1 IP-number for ns1.clientdomainname.tld
    1 IP-number for ns2.clientdomainname.tld

    These 3 IP-numbers can be added in the Plesk-System.
    It will already done by us, so the client has no extra-work.
    Thats all. And the client as the root can create reseller-accounts
    or whatever the client wants to do with the dedicated server.

    Another way is, that the client does not need a complete
    dedicated server - as a root with 3 IP-numbers. In such a
    case, it would be enough just to give the client a reseller-

    Note: With each IP-number, you can run about 10.000 domainnames.
  9. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Look we have only 1 dedicated server,and we want to sell "reseller" accounts to others.
    For e.g. a reseller accoun with 1 giga so that the reseller can sell accounts of 50mb or whatever to his clients.
    The question is .....
    Can the reseller (as he is not root) create in his account simple users and give them panel access ?

    If you dont understand (im not Greek so my english ****) give me your email and ill try to explain u further.
  10. editor

    editor Guest

    > Look we have only 1 dedicated server, and we want to sell
    > "reseller" accounts to others.

    No problem.
    Login as admin (=root).
    Create a reseller-account.
    Make it clear about the limits (f.e. 1 GB webspace, 10 GB Traffic).
    To avoid, that you have everytime "manually" to setup a reseller,
    you can also do it easier with the reseller-template.

    The reseller can then login to https://www.domainname.tld:8443/
    with his own username/password. After login, he will then see a
    list of his domainnames. The reseller will not see the domainnames
    of other resellers. Each reseller will only see his domainnames
    and the domainname of the reseller's client.

    > For e.g. a reseller accoun with 1 giga so that the reseller
    > can sell accounts of 50mb or whatever to his clients.

    Yes. The clients of the reseller can also login to


    The clients will use

    Username: clientdomainname.tld
    Password: The password of the client.

    Alike you see,

    - the admin (=root) can login to https://www.domainname.tld:8443/
    - each reseller can login to https://www.domainname.tld:8443/ with its own username/password
    - each domainname-client can login to https://www.domainname.tld:8443/ with its own username/password.

    > The question is .....
    > Can the reseller (as he is not root) create in his account
    > simple users and give them panel access ?


    And all what you do there as a root/admin, you can use


    If you have these both DNS, you can also allow a reseller to

    which are mapped to your IP-numbers.

  11. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Fantastic!!! Thank You!!!!
  12. Raymy

    Raymy Guest

    Hi there,
    I followed the instructions from 'editor' and 'fixed' the template in PLESK on my server with the admin-account.
    Can you tell me if the DNS-template as shown in the attachment is correct for 2 DNS servers ?

    Thank you.

  13. editor

    editor Guest

    are these 2 IP-Numbers of the DNS on the same server-machine or are these 2 IP-Numbers "outside" of the Plesk-Server?

    This template might work for a Plesk-Server with 3 IP-Numbers whereas all these 3 IP-Numbers are exact on the same Plesk-Server-Machine.
  14. Raymy

    Raymy Guest

    Yes, the machine has a total of 5 IP's.
    The base IP (example: is used for the machine itself (exclusive).
    And the 2 other IP's as seen in the attachment ( & are also exclusively used.
    The 2 remaining IP's are going to be shared IP's.
  15. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Then all must be Set :)
  16. Raymy

    Raymy Guest

    Okay, thank you for the confirmation :)

    I requested a Reverse DNS at my hosting provder, so in a few days it should be working, including subdomains.
  17. editor

    editor Guest

    wonderful. May I ask you which provider you have? URL?

    I would use = base IP for the machine itself, you re the provider = anonymous FTP = ns1.providerdomain.tld = ns2.providerdomain.tld = shared IP for clients and their clientdomainnames.tld

    one clientdomainname.tld has provider DNS

    if the clientdomainname.tld want his own DNS
    then the client should pay for it, f.e. 5 USD/month. ;-) For you,
    there are no costs because you just only map

    ns1.clientdomainname.tld to
    ns2.clientdomainname.tld to
  18. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Clever :)
  19. editor

    editor Guest

    thank you for your compliment. ;-)
  20. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Noproblem, I'll give you compliments and you'll give me answers :D :p