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How I do an automatic Wellcome mail when I create a new mail account in the domain.

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Jorge Rozas C., May 29, 2006.

  1. Jorge Rozas C.

    Jorge Rozas C. Guest

    Dear friends

    I have 2 problems and i have tried hard to resolve, but i didn`t get good results but i will try to resolve for a time.

    The big problem for me, it`s that i have to do a disclaimer for only one domain, i tried in the plesk and i couldn`t; i did it in the qmail with a help of the Forum
    people and i didn´t get success.

    i tried to change the var/qmail/control: i created a folder with a footer( with a text in
    HTML) , and i pasted a rutine in the qmail-1.03 and nothing happened.
    (a buddy of the Forum wrote me this) I tried a lot of things, but such is life.

    An another thing (problem) is Do you know. How can I create an automatic wellcome mail when you
    create a mail-account in the plesk?, you know the wellcome in the domain.

    I guess in the qmail, `cause i watched the control panel of the Mail Section of the
    domain and i didn´t found anything about this.

    If you can help me.

    I repeat the thanks for your support.

    Jorge Rozas C.