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HOW TO: attach a SQL Database to PLesk SQl Server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Puneet Sharma, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Puneet Sharma

    Puneet Sharma Guest

    hi guys,
    I am facing problem in attaching my .mdf database file to plesk server. I m not able to find the option of attaching a database file. can you guys help me with this..????
  2. stevemark99

    stevemark99 Guest

    Hi Puneet,

    You can attach database by using MSSQL Management studio (You have to install latest version). You need to login on rdesktop. If management studio not there in rdesktop then install, after installation please follow as per below.

    1) First create database with same name in plesk but don't create user with same name. Create user id with different name.
    2) Login on Rdesktop - Start - programs - SQL Management studio - Database - Right click - Attach - On right side it will ask for path for attaching .mdf and .ldf files. From here you can attach database to server.
    You can restore database in .bak format. In your local pc take backup of database in .bak format try same thing as above, i hope this will do for you.

  3. stevemark99

    stevemark99 Guest

    Please take backup of your database in .bak format.
    1)Create database and user id with same names in plesk
    2) Upload .bak file in to httpdocs folder
    3) Login on rdesktop - start - programs - mssql management studio - Database - restore so that your database
    will be restored.