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How to disable the Mail Catch-All function ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by suika2003b, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. suika2003b

    suika2003b Guest

    Does anyone know that ?
    I had try to stop the mail for the domain , but it is still running the Catch-All Filter.

    Many Thanks!!
  2. Grafix

    Grafix Guest

    Regarding mailing list and 'catch to address' features, I received the following info from support:


    These features are not available in Plesk for Windows because MailEnable don't support them. To change the bounce message you may do the following:

    1. create an auto responder that replies bounce message to all messages.
    2. at mail settings of domain in the 'catch to address' field type the address of this auto responder.


    You can create mailing lists in Plesk for Windows, but you can't administer them via Plesk! However, I was able to use the MMC to admin mailing lists - mailenable installs MailEnable.msc in the bin directory.
  3. BigSeven

    BigSeven Guest

    We got same problem

    BigSeven :(
  4. suika2003b

    suika2003b Guest

    Thanks for your reply!! ^.^
    As we use 3rd party email program .

    how about that
    If i stop the MailEnable server, it can't send mail then.

    Can i use the 2003 server default smtp ?
    how what should i do?
  5. onaweb

    onaweb Guest

    I am also interested in disabling the catch all. The problem with creating dummy account is that you would have to create a dummy account and responder for every possible e-mail address that the spammers might think up to send messages to. Plus it then fills up your hard drive with messages if no one checks this address. what I would like is that if the address doesn't exist I want it to just delete the e-mail. Is there a way to delete the e-mail in the mailbox every day?

    Thank you,
  6. Grafix

    Grafix Guest

    You don't need to delete messages. Just create an email address for the domain, set that address as an auto-reply only, not as a regular mail box. Once created, set that new address as the catch to address. Then all incoming messages to non-existant users will get the auto-response, and since the address is not a regular mailbox, the messages will never actually get saved on the server.
  7. fralolo

    fralolo Guest

    PLESK SUPPORT SUCKS! MailEnable DOES allow this!

    Open the mailenable console, open a post-office, click on "Domains" and there click with the right button of the mouse on any domain, and select "Properties". In the "General" Tab of the properties of the domain, if you change the "Catchall email address/mailbox" combo-box to its first option ( named "(None)" ), mail with invalid destination addresses will be rejected with a 550 error and bounced inmediately by the server which tries to send it.
  8. fralolo

    fralolo Guest

    Plesk developers SHOULD solve this FLAW. Ask plesk support to solve it , it's VERY important.

    I'm very afraid of using their software given the klownedge they show about MailEnable when they say that MailEnable doesn't support bouncing mails...
  9. DawersonnV

    DawersonnV New Pleskian

    Dec 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Here it goes, at least for MailEnable 4.26 >

    MailEnable Management >servers > connectors > SMTP > properties > security tab

    there are a lot of possible setup, including disable all catch all