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How to restore data only Virtual host content in command line

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by ChonlathitW, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. ChonlathitW

    ChonlathitW Guest

    I am got a problem with r57shell last few day.
    Hacker copy all index file to all my domain ../vhosts/domain../httpdocs

    Now i can restore data By this step in plesk control.
    Go to domain for restore.
    1. Backup Manager
    2. click backup file etc.
    Nov 28, 2010 04:04 AM backup_mydomain.com_info_1011280404.xml
    3. Restoration options
    choose "Domain configuration" and "Virtual host content".

    If conflicts occur during the restoration
    choose "Ask me what to do"

    4. and click restore.
    will result like this

    Conflicts Occurred During the Restoration Process

    Virtual host of mydomaincom
    Cannot restore Virtual host: Virtual host '' already exists in Parallels Plesk Panel

    talks of mydomaincom
    Cannot restore subdomain: subdomain 'talks' already exists in Parallels Plesk Panel

    5. and Next
    Resolution Rules for Restoration Conflicts

    Timing Conflicts
    choose "Use configuration and data from backup"

    Resource Usage Conflicts
    choose "Allow overuse"

    Configuration Conflicts
    choose "Allow overuse"

    6. and Next wait until finish.

    But if I want to restore data like this step without mysql, mail, user pass, etc. need only Virtual host content in command line it can be?
    I read in http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk/PPP9/Doc/en-US/plesk-9.5-backup-cli-guide
    I see option "-conflicts-resolution" how to use this? in document it not clear for me.
    Someone can example to for conflicts-resolution config to restore only domain Virtual host content please.

    I just test this
    /usr/local/psa/bin/pleskrestore --restore backup_info_1011290404.xml -map backup_skel_1011290404.tgz -level domains -filter list:mydomain.com -conflicts-resolution conflict_resolution_rules

    conflict_resolution_rules is

    It restore everything :(

    Thanks in advance.