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How to upgrade mysql ...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mushu, May 16, 2005.

  1. mushu

    mushu Guest


    In First, I'm french and my english isn't very good ...

    Secondly, I'm totally a "newbie", what that ? I have never update abything on my server ...
    Today I would like to pass at mysql 4.1.11 ... I have ask to my hosting provider but he doesn't want to help me ...

    Now I return to you, I'll need a help to upgrade mysql and php, I'll have a complety description of all step to upgrading those software.

    What package I must take in dev.mysql.com ?

    My server running with Fedora Core ...

    Thank you a lot.
  2. Daracne

    Daracne Guest

    Personally, I prefer to build MySQL from the Redhat Development SRPMs they offer.


    Download the MySQL-4.1.x-x.src.rpm package from there. After you have it downloaded run: rpmbuild --rebuild MySQL-4.1.x-x.src.rpm

    If it complains saying it can't find the command rpmbuild, run: yum install rpm-build

    If it complains about missing dependancies from the build, simply use yum to install all the missing packages it needs. Usually on a updated fedora core2, its about 2 packages.

    If all goes well, when its finished you'll find your RPMs in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 (assuming x86 architecture). Now perform: rpm -Uvh MySQL*rpm

    That command will usually bomb out because of dependancy problems. Now you have two options. If you're going to stay at PHP4, you can download another SRPM from the same location called mysqlclient10, rebuild it and install the RPM it makes along with mysql.

    If you're going to move to PHP5, you're better off grabbing the SRPMs for those failed dependancies (again, all I had to upgrade was perl-DBD-MySQL and PHP). Note that when you compile both perl-DBD-MySQL and PHP you'll need to already have MySQL 4.1 installed. So go ahead and perform: rpm -Uvh --nodeps MySQL*rpm. After that follow the same general idea to update those other packages.