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I need a good list of MAPS zones

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by jAQUAN, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. jAQUAN

    jAQUAN Guest

    Where do I find out what the latest and most complete list of MAPS zones are? I'm getting 1000 undeliverables a day for some reason (I am NOT set as open relay) and it's killing my bandwidth.
  2. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest

    MAPS List

    I use these two for maps
    just like that, cut and paste it into the maps section in plesk.

    As far as the undeliverables, I have tracked that down to this:

    The plesk scheduler service wants to do a few things on a fresh install, what I have seen is that it can not verify the sending domain name such as admin@localhost or scheduler@yourcomputersname

    the "yourcomputername" is that, the name your computer has, it seems it wants it to be a domain or something, .com and needs to resolve before it sends its email out. I have ahd major trouble with the scheuler service in plesk, and have yet to see it work, namley because of this problem. Funny thing is, the computer name can not have any charecters other than alph/numeric meaning no . i have yet to figure that one out, although it may be becasue I am using 2k3 web edition and not the full blown 2k3..not sure but I am not happy bout plesk, lack of support, limited options for web serving and crappy software

    The maps will help to fight spam incomming to the domains, also check your php.ini file C:\winnt\ for any reference to the failed emails.
  3. jAQUAN

    jAQUAN Guest

    Thanks so much for the reply. I've about had it with Plesk too but I know the unix version is quite stable namely because it can change a setting without having to restart the service. I'm going to ask for a hard boot tonight. Tech support suggested that I am getting spoofed and that I should change my outgoing port number to something other than 110. But I don't know where in Plesk I can do that, I've looked everywhere. I don't have remote access to the machine so I can't make my own repairs.
  4. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest

    Yeh thats a tough one

    If you do not have remote into the box, that is really bad...
    I found many many config settings to be incorrect out of the box...for one to change the port to send mail, allow the firewall to let it through, in mailenable administrator you can change the port, but more importantly, do you have smtp auth on? and you should look to see who, in your domain list, may have spam activity. such as 100% smtp useage and no pop3 and turn there stuff off and see if the problem continues.

    Again if you do not have desktop access for a windows system, i see no reason to have a windows system...if your just using plesk as the interface, i would switch to linux or get your own dedicated box.. or perhaps cough cough cpanel may be a better option..

    Some nice ones at serverbeach.com if you can admin the thing..
  5. jAQUAN

    jAQUAN Guest

    SMTP auth is on and mine is the only active domain so far as I'd like to get the damn kinks out before I start loading it up. The whole reason behind 2k3 is because that is the only way I can get cold fusion support with this reseller. I'd like at least to be able to configure mailenable since it appears to be ****.
  6. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest


    how bout posting some of the undeliverable amils you got, maybe that will help.

  7. jAQUAN

    jAQUAN Guest

    MailEnable: Message delivery has been delayed.

    Message is waiting at domain.com for delivery to k2smtpout.secureserver.net.

    Reason: Mail Server for fleagroups.com could not accept your email at this time. MailEnable will keep trying to deliver this message and will notify you of any progress.

    Message headers follow:

    From: "Delivery Subsystem" <joel@movingsun.com>
    To: <scooper@fleagroups.com>
    Subject: Message Delivery Delay
    Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 14:11:12 -0700
    Message-ID: <59074BB3225A419682FEAD65A3793D.MAI@domain.com>
    Precedence: bulk

    They are all waiting for delivery to the same smtp but are waiting at various domains such as:
  8. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest

    Blacklisted IP Address

    fleagroups is listed on many spam databases mail server
    movingsun is OK
    12green is on the same mailserver as fleagroups
    commscraft.com does not have email it will go no where http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/ip4r.ch?ip=
    l18979.lontil.com is screwed also

    that will do it every time...

    the mail servers that use those spam listes will reject your email..
    It is the host responsability to clear those lists, but to be honest, it sounds like this host will let anyone on there boxes, the default config in plesk and mailenable has not been changed:
    domain.com is the plesk default install domain, so there is no reverse dns for it also, complicating the issue...no mail to major providers will be sent JUST BECASUE OF THIS, not mentioning the spam thing.

    your either on a mail server that is listed or on a spam email server, they go by IP address and not usually domains.

    I would dump that host quick!