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Initial Setup

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by unkyjoe, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. unkyjoe

    unkyjoe Guest

    I am running into the following problem.

    I did a clean install of Windows 2003 server, gave the server a name of server and a domain of scwireless.net

    Installed plesk without incident, when prompted for the hostname I accepted the defualt of server.scwireless.net and continued on.

    Now then, I am only using plesk to host my 1 domain, that is www.scwireless.net and no others.

    I setup my client account and create the domain www.scwireless.net and yes the www checkbox is selected.

    When I install Mango from the sitebuilder interface I accept the defaults and let it install, when I try to go to the site, instead of bringing up www.scwireless.net/CMS/ it brings up scwireless.net/CMS/

    I do not host my own DNS, I have external DNS servers setup and all the pointers, ie www.ftp.mail etc are pointed to the right IP address.

    What am I missing.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

    tell me which dns entries you have in:

    Basic information results:
    CNAME: scwireless.net
    A: (scwireless.net)
    NS: ns1.scwireless.net
    NS: ns2.scwireless.net
    A: (ns1.scwireless.net)
    A: (ns2.scwireless.net)

    host name for is "host161-19.discord.birch.net" !

    IP for scwireless.net and www.scwireless.net is dissolved correctly
  3. unkyjoe

    unkyjoe Guest

    Got it!

    Found a great link on DNS setup.

    Go to www.ev1.net and then to thier servers area forums.

    They have a wonderful forum on plesk including the DNS setup, I decided to go ahead and setup my own DNS and all is working great. Thanks for the help!