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Installing Plesk 8 on Mac OSX - Mysql error

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by aloreep, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. aloreep

    aloreep Guest

    I noticed another thread that was a little similar, but I think my problem is different enough to start a new tread.

    I've recently started up a server on a G4 with Mac OS 10.4 software, but it's not marketable without a control panel. Enter plesk. So I'm trying to install the newest version, which should handle the operating system just fine, but I'm running into a problem with mysql.

    The installation seems to go just fine for a while, then I get:
    So I look at the information log and it say:
    It goes on, but you get the idea.

    So I've tried what I know and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
  2. aloreep

    aloreep Guest

    Plesk's email response

    I emailed Plesk support to see if they could help, and this was their reply:
    So I guess they think the problem is with the whole case sensitivity... seems a little strange to me...
  3. aloreep

    aloreep Guest

    Working now...

    I'm still not sure exactly what my problem was before, but I do know that something I've done has fixed my problem. So if you're having this problem, maybe something I say will help you.

    When I first tried installing Plesk on my Mac OS 10.4 Server, I had been running the server for a while and had downloaded some erronious junk (a carryover from my PC habbits) onto the server. I'm guessing that something I put on is what was causing the problem.

    I backed up my files, and preceded to format and reinstall the operating system. From the fresh install, after doing the typical updates, I immediatly installed Plesk.

    The only snag I ran into here was with the /etc/hosts file, seems Plesk couldn't find my local host. The warning message said:
    Previously the top line of my hosts file said: localhost
    But on my network, I've got a router with a DHCP server so my server's IP is actually I changed the top line to read: localhost.local
    Then I ran the insallation again and SUCCESS!!

    Hope this helps someone. Good luck.
  4. thefaxx

    thefaxx Guest


    i've had the same problem and fixed the /etc/hosts like this: localhost.localdomain localhost example.homeip.net server

    problem now is, if i try to access the plesk-admin by typing in
    it changes to
    and nothing happens. If i change it to example.homeip.net localhost
    then i am not able to install plesk.
  5. aloreep

    aloreep Guest

    It's a secure site. Try https.
  6. thefaxx

    thefaxx Guest

    ok now it works... I reinstalled plesk an now it works. thanks for helping