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Introducing DEMOSUITE - a new support application for web hosts

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by demowolf, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. demowolf

    demowolf Guest

    After more than 6 months of programming, tweaking, beta testing and bug fixing, the first version of DEMOSUITE is finally ready for the hosting industry.


    DemoSuite is an application that web hosting companies can use to create a custom-branded "Flash Player" for their customers to download (an EXE file). This "DemoSuite Flash Player" is a desktop application that allows the customer to play their web host's flash support tutorials directly from their Windows desktops, and without having to search for them on their host's website.

    DemoSuite works with ALL tutorials, regardless of who produced them. So if you purchased your tutorials from another company other than DemoWolf, then NO WORRIES! DemoSuite will play ANY .SWF file that you have uploaded to your server.

    When a web host uses DemoSuite to produce their very own "DemoSuite Flash Player", they are essentially creating their own custom application for their customers to download and use! There are never any charges to your customers, and your DemoSuite Flash Player can be downloaded unlimited times.

    Your DemoSuite Flash Player is customizable! Upload your own logo, and define your tutorial categories and lists. Choose a pre-designed skin, and even alter many of the colors within the Flash Player. In other words, the Flash Player is COMPLETELY customizable, and will have the look and feel YOU design. Your customers will be impressed with this "free" application you'll be giving them.... an application designed to help them get the help they need, themselves.... and right from their desktops!!

    DemoSuite also helps with your branding efforts.... since YOUR company logo will be on your customer's desktops!

    Introductory Special Offer
    DemoSuite is available on a monthly or yearly lease, or you can purchase an "owned" license and never have to pay licensing fees. The annual licensing option is currently marked down to 50% off, and the monthly lease option is 33% off. These special offers will end once DemoSuite 2.0 is available (1st quarter 2007).

    DemoSuite 2.0
    Where is DemoSuite headed? Well, we've already begun designing the next version, DemoSuite 2.0, and it will not only allow customers to play their host's support tutorials from their desktop, but also initiate LIVE CHAT sessions and submit SUPPORT TICKETS. In other words, DemoSuite will become a complete "support console" that customers will have on their desktops.

    If you think any of this will benefit your customers, then my advice to you is to "get in early" by purchasing your license now. Doing so will "lock you in" to the lower lease payments for as long as you remain a customer.... and the price of DemoSuite will definitely go up once version 2 is out.

    Download a sample DemoSuite Flash Player!
    Want to see a Flash Player in action? We used DemoSuite to build a sample Flash Player... and you can download it from our website:

    Other helpful links...
    Features: http://www.demowolf.com/demosuite/features.htm
    Screenshots: http://www.demowolf.com/demosuite/screenshots.htm
    Questions Answered: http://www.demowolf.com/demosuite/faq.htm
    Press Release: http://www.demowolf.com/press/press_2006nov28.htm

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can also contact us directly at info@demowolf.com :)


    Rob Moore - Founder/CEO