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IonCube loaders

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ashopandreas, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. ashopandreas

    ashopandreas Guest

    IonCube is a software similar to Zend encoder which encrypts php scripts to protect the copyrights of the developer. With Plesk 8 the loader that is necessary to run IonCube encoded scripts is automatically installed. This would have been pretty good if it weren't for the fact that the included loader is an old insecure version and most IonCube encoded scripts will probably no longer run with it.

    Don't bother editing the php.ini file to replace the loader. They are included in an extra php configuration file which is located in: /etc/php.d and named ioncube-loader.ini. Viewing this file I found that the IonCube loader was located in: /usr/lib/php4. Replacing the file there with an up to date version will work but to further complicate things the Plesk team has renamed the loader with an extra php_ prefix.

    It would be very nice if Plesk included the latest loader instead of this old one or if they made this software optional to make it easier to install the latest loader yourself.
  2. zerobreach

    zerobreach Guest

    Upgrade doesn't take

    I updated the .so to 4.4 with changes in the ioncube ini file located in the /etc/php4 dir and copied the new .so to /usr/lib/php and restarted apache - when I run the help script it still shows I'm running 4.3... whats going on? Thanks
  3. themancan@

    themancan@ Guest

    @ashopandreas, thanks for the writeup. Works perfectly.

    @zerobreach, I'm assuming that you've figured it out by now, but for anybody else that finds this thread, just use the same file that is already there. In other words, if the file that's there is 4.3, update 4.3. Don't "upgrade" to a higher number.