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Is there any companies selling SiteBuilder Templates

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by andreseso, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. andreseso

    andreseso Guest


    We find SiteBuilder to be an excellent product.

    We have downloaded most of the templates available from the SiteBuilder download pages and
    we have discovered that practically all of the templates include pictures of people (happy
    people, talking people, secretaries, etc.) or American buildings (Manhattan, American
    mansions) that can't be easily removed or replaced. It is very hard to find a template
    that fits the look and feel we would like to use in our Spanish sites.

    We believe that practically all themes are overloaded with lots of eye-catching
    decorations. We feel that is very hard (or impossible) to find a simple, sober template.
    WE REALLY WOULD LIKE a template like swsoft.com!! Simple and sober.

    Are there any companies selling SiteBuilder templates?

    Are there any companies that can custom design a template?

    Yours truly,

    Andres Adrover
  2. dedi

    dedi Guest

    we're from Italy, just installed SB and had the same feelings about templates (who knows? maybe is our latin beings?)

    Well, we've not started creating templates yet, but we'll work on it.

    If you want to contact us (info at atfriends dot net), we could have an agreement on how to proceed, maybe starting with a test and see if it meets your requirements.

    Best regards

  3. PixyPumpkin

    PixyPumpkin Guest

    Keep us posted :)
  4. andreseso

    andreseso Guest


    We are not interrested of customizing a template for each of our customers. We would only like to offer a simple abstract design, without any pictures of buildings, cell phones or any recognizable objects that we could sell to the largest amount of clients possible.

    We cannot use any templates with pictures of recognizable objects for any of our clients. I went through over 100 templates of SiteBuilder when I installed it to see if I could make a nice looking simple web site and none were usable.