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Kaspersky doesn't check mail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by hermrohr, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. hermrohr

    hermrohr Guest


    did anybody have the problem too, that the Kaspersky engine doesn't scan incoming and outgoing emails for some emailadresses even if the anti-virus setting is set?

    [28/10/08 21:19:37 I] [31283] m9SLJbN00031283 <-- from=<srs0=XXXXXXXXX@XXXXXX.de>
    [28/10/08 21:19:37 I] [31283] m9SLJbN00031283 === group=<default>, from=<XXXXXXXXX@XXXX.de>,to=<christel@XXXXXXXXXXX>,check result=<not check>
    [28/10/08 21:19:37 I] [31283] m9SLJbN00031283 --> to=<christel@XXXXX.de>,status=<sent>

    The "Server-wide scanning settings" usage policy is set to "Scanning both incoming and outgoing mail".

    And there is also another problem. I can't change the "Scanning settings". Every change in the settings results in falling back to the default settings, sending a message to the recipient containing the virus.

    Extract from aveserver.log: Is this normal!?
    [28/10/08 21:48:26 I] [32361] Kaspersky Anti-Virus server version 5.5.4 build #80 (RELEASE), using configuration file /etc/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers/kavdaemon.conf
    [28/10/08 21:48:26 A] [32361] License file KAVXXXXXXX.key, serial XXXX-000XXX-04XXXXX, "Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Plesk SWsoft International Edition. 1 year License", 1 local connections, expires 15/09/09
    [28/10/08 21:48:26 I] [32361] Plesk exists and has the license
    [28/10/08 21:48:26 W] [32361] You don't have enough network licenses for configured number of network clients. MaxClients reduced to 1
    [28/10/08 21:48:26 I] [32361] Total license count: -1 local connections, and 1 network connections, will expire 15/09/09

    [28/10/08 21:48:26 W] [32361] Cannot load information about available basesets, will use builtin defaults
    [28/10/08 21:48:28 I] [32361] /opt/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers//bin/aveserver is started, 1216772 records loaded, latest update 28/10/08

    Best regards,
  2. hermrohr

    hermrohr Guest

    I got some new hints...

    As far as I see, /etc/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers/kav4mailservers.conf is the configuration file for KAV. And there are two lines, one beginning with "Senders=" and the other beginning with "Recipients=".
    The problem is, that sometimes (I can't determine when this happens) a new mail addresse protected by KAV in Plesk is only inserted in "Senders=" and not in "Recipients=". And then it is quite clear why KAV doesn't scan mails for this address.
    But in many other cases, the mail addresses are inserted in "Recipients=" correctly - and then it works - with obviously the same settings in Plesk!

    Therefore this question:
    - How can we solve this issue? We want to assure our customers, that there mail adresses are protected against viruses.
    - Is there any possibility to advice Plesk to rebuild the KAV-configuration-file completly?
  3. hermrohr

    hermrohr Guest

    Sadly the support of Parallels wasn't able to help me in solving my problem.

    But here just some information for everyone who is interested in analyzing how Plesk / KAV / QMail works:

    Paralells Plesk writes the config-file:

    This config-file referencing this config-file of KAV is located in:

    I think, that everybody who is interessed in this issue, can guess on his own what you can do with this.....