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Known Plesk 8.1.0 issues

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by OlegB, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. OlegB

    OlegB Guest

    This thread is sanctified to known Plesk 8.1.0 problems. Links pointing to Plesk Knowledge base will be provided here. The article will be updated according to new problems appearing.
    The current known Plesk issues are listed below:

    Automated Plesk backup does not generate new file name on FTP

    Smarter Stats on a domain can not be managed

    Plesk reconfigurator calls psa-serv.exe

    After Plesk upgrade from version 7.6.1 to 8.1 it is impossible to switch to Simple DNS

    Runtask.exe throws an error

    Query is too complex on JET

    Statistics fails on disabled domain

    Plesk backup can not be restored if file size is too large

    __limit_exceeded_max_db_userdomain exception on adding database

    Plesk can not create MySQL database if MySQL server is configured to non-standard port

    Plesk session is dropped if client's IP is changed

    Statistics fails if domain being removed while it's running

    Default DNS zone numbering format adjusting fails

    The Action Log page is showing the wrong period

    Apply security tasks execute in cycle if hard drive has errors

    Failed to create domain or domain alias using national symbols

    www CNAME is not added if domain is created out of unaccepted template

    Reconfigurator fails to validate Plesk database

    RPC domain creation fails with error if domain template is used

    GUI does not set SPF records correctly

    Plesk Discard creates unsecured mail user trash50534137

    API-RPC error when retrieving all domain templates

    Reconfigurator does not change the path to horde database file after VHOSTS location moving

    Plesk Restore tool fails to restore domain with log rotation

    Zones duplicating in BIND and SimpleDNS

    DNS recursion is being reset to enabled after logging on DNS management page on a domain

    Statistics fails if database provider is MS SQL

    Some national symbols can be missed on client creation via Plesk API-RPC

    Plesk update plesk_8.1.0_update070216.19 makes SQL services in Plesk missed

    After update plesk_8.1.0_update070216.19 Spam filter is shown as not installed

    The following issues were fixed and improvements were made in Plesk 8.1.0 for Windows Update 070211.04:
    1. Double quota calculation for Gene 6 FTP Server
    2. Nondelivered e-mails and filled SMTP inbound queue in MailEnable
    3. Disabling Newsfeeds script on Horde IMP page
    4. Hiding "MPC extras" button on mailluser page
    5. Information about license expiration date is more evident
    6. PHP error message "... Exception class redeclare ..."
    7. Faulting application plesksrv.exe, version
    8. The problem with Plesk update-tamplate installation
    9. Admin PHP performance improved
    10. License option "Ability to manage the default state of Create Blog and Photo Gallery subdomains" turned on by default

    The following issues were fixed and improvements were made in Plesk 8.1.0 for Windows Update 070216.19:

    1. [*] Fixed issue with frequently spawned defpackagemng.exe in Virtuozzo environment
    2. [+] Now "init_conf --init" does not require administrator's email and name
    3. [-] Fixed issue with domain creation fails with MDaemon 9.5.4
    4. [-] Fixed issue with trash mailbox in MailEnable
    5. [-] Fixed issue with Statistics fails on MSSQL with error "Adding a value to a 'datetime' column caused overflow."
    6. [-] Fixed issue with domain creation fails in HSPcomplete with hMailServer
    7. [-] Fixed issue with license option "Ability to manage the default state of Create Blog and Photo Gallery subdomains check box"
Thread Status:
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