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Log into Plesk via Internet Explorer

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by ikon_sg, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. ikon_sg

    ikon_sg Guest

    I have a strange problem:

    I have been using Plesk via Internet Explorer for sometime now, but out of a sudden this 2 days the browser hang when trying to access my Plesk Login page. Note, just the login to plesk page, surfing rest of other sites were ok!

    It just hang there everytime I try to access https://www.mydomain.com:8443

    I've checked and try to log in with other computers in my office with the same internet connection, all works fine.

    I tried to login into plesk demo login page here at SWsoft and it works fine.

    I just could not go to https://www.mydomain.com:8443 ???? It will hang and end task don't even works.

    So I tried to download Mozilla Firefox to my PC and I can go in !

    Has anyone encounter such strange problem before?


    Plesk7 for win
    I'm using WinXP
    IE V6.0.2xxx SP1
  2. Nivahost

    Nivahost Guest


    Are you using Windows XP with the latest Service Pack 2 ?
    If not download the Service Pack2.
  3. ikon_sg

    ikon_sg Guest

    Yes, it's XP SP2 already
  4. Nivahost

    Nivahost Guest

    If you are saying that this was working fine few days ago on the same computer and you did not made any major changes to your OS, then there is something wrong with your OS settings I think. If you don't have any important data on your PC just go ahead and reformat your hard drive and install Windows again. That will fix your problem for sure.

  5. ikon_sg

    ikon_sg Guest

    Just to update:

    Strangely, I didn't re-install OS or do anything out a sudden today accessing plesk in IE is fine!

    Strange, never encounter such issue...