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Mail accounts not receiving mail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ogoog, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. ogoog

    ogoog Guest

    I just installed Plesk 7.5 on my server, and sending mail through webmail works fine, but none of the mail accounts receive mail that is addressed to them.

    I don't get an error message back, like "mail undeliverable" when sending mail, but they never get to the intended recipient.

    Here is my DNS info. Thanks for any help! / 24 PTR modproject.com.
    ftp.modproject.com. CNAME modproject.com.
    mail.modproject.com. A
    modproject.com. A
    modproject.com. MX (10) mail.modproject.com.
    modproject.com. NS ns.modproject.com.
    ns.modproject.com. A
    webmail.modproject.com. A
    www.modproject.com. CNAME modproject.com.
  2. saericksonfl

    saericksonfl Guest

    email addresses not receiving mail sent via sendmail

    I have the same probelm. I can send the mail via sendmail.php the mail is never received.

    Anyone can help with. Please do.
  3. infect@

    infect@ Guest

    I am also experiencing the same issue.
  4. chud67

    chud67 Guest

    Same issue here as well.
  5. MrBafner

    MrBafner Guest

    same here

    all webmail down, can't receive / send or connect to any emil. All passwords are scewed up somehow.
  6. Big D

    Big D Guest

    I would send a message and monitor the delivery with
    tail -f /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog

    Usually it helps to diagnose for there may be various reasons of mail delivery failure.