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Mail dead after Upgrade-attempt

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by AlleyKat, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. AlleyKat

    AlleyKat Guest

    Mail dead after Upgrade-attempt (Solved?)

    I hit Upgrade last night, assuming it was something like an update. I was wrong, it seems.

    Actually, nothing happened. Nothing at all - I hit "Upgrade to 8.0", confirmed that it should start - and nothing whatsoever happened thereafter. I'm quite patient so after 4-5 hours of busy nothing, I checked, and nothing seemed to have changed. But it certainly had.

    When qmail was restarted over the morning, it had a tendency to shut down after a few minutes - not like it usually does, stall sending mails, queueing them until restarted every hour.

    After having restarted it more than 50 times along the day, I tried restarting the server instead. I don't think I should have done that.

    I see the following in my rpm list:


    I'm almost 100% sure that what I need to do is uninstall the wrong builds and install the right ones, but where do I find the original psa courier? I thought I had it in my plesk repo, but that seems to be the '-add' package, so I'm kinda stuck...

    Help, please? [All our mail services were down...]

    PHEW! After pulling hair out for hours, I found the full Plesk package download and extracted the couple of elements I needed from there.

    (mostly inspired by Cranky's advices in 8.0 forums)
    Uninstall new qmail, courier-imap (rpm -e <package>),
    Install 'old' versions and the courier-imap-add (rpm -Uvh <package>)
    Stopped the drwebd service AND DrWeb in Plesk -> server -> service management.
    Mail works again.

    But my errorlogs are still looking spooky, so any advice on how to 'unroll' are welcome.I have lists of the rpms from a few days before - should I make the rpm lists match? And would it help (me, you, swsoft) posting them here?