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Mail Delivery Delay Problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by chuck.boyer, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. chuck.boyer

    chuck.boyer Guest

    I posted this over on the mail enable forum, but no one responded. Can anyone help me here?


    Several of my customers (postoffices/domains) are getting message delivery delay notices from rcn.com/erols.com and cox.net. I'm using Plesk as my control panel with ME 1.72 (or 3, not sure). I was wondering if anyone out there knew what I should be looking for in either the ME settings or my DNS to resolve the issue. The server is windows 2003 and is multihomed with about 20 domains/postoffices.

    Based on other posts I believe that ME is listening on x.x.x.2 and sending on x.x.x.1. Therefore I have added a secondary MX record in dns with a lower priority (higher number) for reverse lookup purposes.

    x.x.x.1 is my machine's base ip and x.x.x.2 is my domain's ip.

    My dns records look like this:

    same as parent A x.x.x.2
    same as parent MX [10] domain.com
    same as parent MX [20] x.x.x.1

    SMTP Properties
    Local Domain Name: x.x.x.1
    DNS Addresses: x.x.x.1 external.x.x.1 external.x.x.2
    Always bind to all IPs is checked
    Outbound binding is set to default

    Should outbound binding be set to x.x.x.1?

    Thanks for the help.