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mail server problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by chitchatonline, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. chitchatonline

    chitchatonline Guest

    you guys have answered this a million times.. and i'm sorry i just can't figure it out or search the right post for it.. so i'm posting this here...

    please help :)

    i keep getting an error when i send a mail through my web mail

    does this mean i don't have the smtp setup in my server???

    virtual dedicated server on godaddy
    plesk 7.5
    mail - horde

    can someone help?:confused:
  2. kieranjones

    kieranjones Guest

    Technically this post should be in the problems forum I suspect but no problem.

    You should check your vhosts file to make sure you've got a localhost setup in there, it would be hard for your server to connect to localhost if it doesn't know what "localhost" is.
  3. chitchatonline

    chitchatonline Guest

    sorry for posting it on the wrong place...

    well after going back and forth with godaddy... they did get the webmail to work...

    however when i add it to my outlook i get the following error...

    we are at a business facility with our own dedicated internet line and we always use pop3 accounts without any problems...

    what could this be???

    any ideas on configuring the outlook? i believe i got all the settings right... mail.domain.com for both pop3 and smtp
    also the required authentication along with the incoming user info...

    i haven't seen any more steps in the documentations for the outlook setup...

    so i'm a little stuck