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Major problem with sites working properly

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Dan325ci, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Dan325ci

    Dan325ci Guest


    Running a Dual Opteron 242 Windows 2003 Standard with Plesk for windows installed.

    Occasionally some sites (not all) will suddenly stop working. What happens is when i launch the site in my browser it will ask for a username and passwords???

    Its very weird. This just happens out of the blue. One time this happened to a site and to fix it I had to reupload all the files again. The latest time this happened, to fix it, I had to delete the domain in Plesk and re-add it and upload the files again.

    Its nothing to do with the network...there are obvious problems between Plesk and the Windows OS. I know Windows has IIS on it...and plesk uses Apache to run?? ...so could be some stuff going on b/w the two. Or could it be some DNS stuff..? The particular site was recently moved over from another server. Keep in mind that some other domains seem to be working fine and never have had this problem. Its just certain other domains.

    Anyone have an answer to this problem?

    This is very scary considering that I do not know what triggered the site to stop working.....it just happens suddenly and to fix it i have to use one of the two methods described above.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. Oh and SITE PREVIEW is not working too now but the domains are working again after performing the "fix" above.
  2. Dan325ci

    Dan325ci Guest

    No one else having this problem or can help me??

    Not too busy forums i see :(
  3. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    You have altered the filesystem permissions set by Plesk, did not you? Now IIS does not have access to the web site files, so it asks for login/password for that.

    If you don't remember what you did to permissions, you can fix them using reconfigurator utility - run reconfigurator.exe, click on "Repair Plesk Installation", select "Plesk File Security" checkbox and then click "Next".
  4. Dan325ci

    Dan325ci Guest

    No, I didnt not alter the permissions.

    In fact, after i deleted and re-added the site...I have not had a problem for the last couple days.

    Do you think this is permanently fixed or can re occur again?

  5. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    Well, the root cause is changed permissions, and Plesk does not reset them on its own, at least it is very unlikely.

    So either someone did it manually, or may be some software changed these settings during installation. Without knowing your environment, it's hard to say.
  6. shwonder

    shwonder Guest

    Now it is not completely correct. Reconfigurator in Plesk version 7.0.2 doesn't fix permissions on domain folders. This functionality was added after 7.0.2 release. One of hotfixes will contain updated reconfigurator. Also it will be added to Plesk 7.0.3 version. Plesk for Windows support team do have new version of utility and can set permissions. If you think that problem with permissions, please ask Plesk support to help you. It is simple and they should help you for free.

    Best regards.