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many "relaylock" lines in my maillog ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by fgilain, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. fgilain

    fgilain Guest


    i have a Plesk 8.2 server running on a linux.
    in the maillog log file, i can see many many lines like theses :

    Jan 25 18:29:11 mx1 relaylock: /var/qmail/bin/relaylock: mail from 84.XXX.XXX.146:13321 (gw146.societe.com)
    Jan 25 18:29:11 mx1 relaylock: /var/qmail/bin/relaylock: mail from 84.XXX.XXX.146:13322 (gw146.societe.com)
    Jan 25 18:29:11 mx1 relaylock: /var/qmail/bin/relaylock: mail from 84.XXX.XXX.146:13323 (gw146.societe.com)

    Any idea of what it is/means ?


  2. faris

    faris Guest

    This is normal.

    Someone is trying to send to/email via your server, and failing. You'll see plenty of them.

    I *think* you may see them if, for example, the IP is blocked by one of your dnsrbls, or if they are just trying to find an open relay and of course your machine isn't so they can't do anything.
  3. Jorge Garza

    Jorge Garza Guest

    what can i do if i found, not plenty but thousands and thousands of relaylock lines that make my server go smoking, almost literally, since i didnt knew it was running under this circumstances long time (sunday afternoon) and avg-load went to 500+, i just halted it -the rough style- and put it on again; reviewing logs i saw there were tons of different IPs from all over the world, was it an attack? or is it just normal?