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Mass SPAM filter changes

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by inunisonltd, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. inunisonltd

    inunisonltd Guest

    How can I do a mass change for either a domain or the whole PLESK system to turn on the "DELETE" SPAM option?
    I have the option to turn SPAM filtering on or off but not the DELETE option.

    There is a real lack of mass change options within the whole of PLESK. This should really be looked into.


  2. thomi_ch

    thomi_ch Guest

    hi all

    i have the same question.. but in the other way..
    i want activate the spam filter on all email's..

    i have set the default, global setting for spam hit to 5. now if i activate the spam filter on one email, the spam hit setting is 7?

    two question:
    how to set the right global setting, that it will be also for all email's?
    how to activate the spam filter on all email's?

    i found this in the forum:

    the command:
    /usr/local/psa/bin/spamassassin.sh --update <new_mailname> -status true -hits 5 -modify-subj false
    is only for one mailbox right?

    but how to use this script for all mailboxes?

    thanks for help

  3. Blackbit@

    Blackbit@ Guest

    Changing all Spamassassin Preferences

    After that, run /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mchk --with-spam --daemon-mode to set the system configurations. I hope this helps. Choose your own selection of SQL-Updates to meet your requirements. Examine the PSA database if you need to configure something else. Most options can be found there.
  4. Blackbit@

    Blackbit@ Guest

    Forgot to give you the statement to activate the rejection on all accounts. Here it is:

    > update spamfilter set reject_spam=true WHERE 1;
  5. thomi_ch

    thomi_ch Guest

    Hey Blackbit

    Thanks for information.

    The statement
    "5. UPDATE misc SET val = "true" WHERE param = "spamfilter_use_mailuser_prefs";"
    will enable user specific spamfilter settings, right?

    Will this sql statements only update spamsettings for already enabled mailbox spamsettings not for them that are not enabled?

    Why will the Gobal Spamfilter settings not used for Domain or eMail Spamfilter settings?

    On this Plesk Server the global spamsettings are:
    spamfilter_enabled true
    spamfilter_max_children 5
    spamfilter_use_mailuser_prefs false

    Thanks for additional information.

    Greetings for switzerland