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member of domain or standalone?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by usbusi, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. usbusi

    usbusi Guest

    I have the option of installing Plesk 7.5 Windows as a standalone server or as a member of a windows 2003 domain, as i have 2 domain controllers on my network.

    Which is better in terms of installing Plesk?

    (One advantage of installing on the domain is I can then use Active Directory - but I do not know if Plesk 7 is designed to use Active Directory and Domain structure or if it is designed for standalone configuration, or if both - which is less buggy/better?)
  2. usbusi

    usbusi Guest

    looks like i asked the same question last year

    looks like i asked the same question last year


    so the answer is it doesn't matter but there is no benefit to being a member of a domain w/plesk for windows 7.5.

    if others know differently (if there are any advantages to having it be a member of a domain using active directory) please let me know.

    i was guessing that frontpage extensions might work best w/active directory but apparently not. (although i know sharepoint services 2 does require active directory/domain controllers.)

    i have a dedicated sharepoint services 2 box so this isn't such a big issue to me, i can provide SSV2 for customers on a subdomain, leaving the main domain on windows.

    (well actually i also use email on red hat servers but that's just my preference/habit) - my customers have control panels all over the place... LOL... : )
  3. renhack

    renhack Guest

    Webservers should always be bastion stand alone machines. Why would you risk the security of your domain by opening it up to a shared hosting environment. Thats just a bad idea.
  4. usbusi

    usbusi Guest

    it's not inside an office

    my servers are not inside an office. they are only web servers. (to answer this last question of opening it up to a domain)

    i have one server that hosts windows sharepoint services version 2. to do that correctly active directory (domain controllers) are required.

    so i already have the domain controllers and active directory. but with my first windows plesk box - i am just asking what others' opinions are regarding standalone or domain as i have the choice.

    i'll go with standalone. but i am guessing at some point there will be a problem in that microsoft will release its next version of frontpage extensions, and they will require active directory / being a part of a domain, and our plesk boxes will need to be upgraded with another version of plesk that works with domain / active directory or they'll be one version out of up-to-date regarding frontpage extensions.

    no big deal either way, and maybe microsoft won't require active directory w/ FP 6 extensions like they did with sharepoint 2 extensions.
  5. usbusi

    usbusi Guest

    by the way

    by the way i believe that frontpage extensions currently have the option (this is not in the case of Plesk for windows) of standalone (local user accounts) or active directory user accounts.

    i've always used standalone server / local user accounts with frontpage.

    (but with sharepoint services version 2 i was forced to get domain controllers and use active directory.)
  6. Banko

    Banko Guest

    Active Directory will be a prerequisit for future versions of FP Extentions, and you are quite correct that PLESK will need to update their programs...

    I have to say looking through this forum reading posts, and talking with support has left me with a very strong bitterness in regards to SWsoft and some senior members.

    Number one.... Active Directory is Windows! if your program does not integrate with Active Directory then its poorly designed.

    Number two....If your program can't even co-exist with Active Directory, then a recall should be done and funds refunded to customers.

    Although most persons seem to be dead set that hosting web services inside your domain is a bad idea, I strongly disagree. Companies need to be well designed implemented and work together, not be disjointed peices of material spread through out your buildings.

    All computers put on my companies website should be made to follow the guidelines and policies i have layed out for my company and its security.

    Big organizations recognize this and act accordingly. The major response is obvious they simply will not use this software.

    If they wish they could always make a sub-domain for their local workers for added security, but this should be their choice.

    Telling people they may not use the software they have purchased is wrong on so many levels and SWsoft will suffer for it if they dont change their views and applications soon.
  7. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    Plesk is able to work in Activ Directory. But if you will promote server with Plesk to DC it will be the end of the Plesk. It will work but you will not be able to change anything because Plesk is not able to manage non local users.
    I should say that the advantage of AD is easier administration of the server and much more possibilities of security tuning but that possibilities may be the reason of errors. That is why you should quite understand your actions.
    Also I should say that only full down may use DC as webserver(we do not install even DHCP on DCs).